Saturday, March 31, 2007


March 28 = 13 trade days from March 9th and 26 tr days from Feb 20, a short term low was hit.

Next 2 days = a VERY weak rebound
ELLIOTT WVE "B' , I think
Today's reading was perfect= INDECISION, as previously mentioned

Whats NEXT ? Should be EllIOTT WAVE "C"
MY timing suggests APRIL4th for the LOW

What does that mean?
ELLIOTT wave "C" suggest a VERY hard hit
It should be OBVIOUS on MONDAY- Tuesday and WED with NO reprieve until Thursday and of course the market is closed on Good Friday.
Unlike my previous outllook for Tuesday, it has 180 bars at 12:30 and 204 bars at 2:30
And the pressure should NOT let up.

Apirl 4th = 18 tr days from March 9th.
The 4th has a negative influence at 2:16pm, 259 bars at noon, and 30 bars at 3pm, which , IMO, would be THE TIMES TO CLOSE OUT ALL MY PUT positions. take your pic.

I seem to be in the minority as there are many analysts indicating April as a severe market month, and for the most part, I am forecasting the opposite. My timing shows that May10 to may 20 should be where that severity hits.

As most of you already know, My work indicates a huge rebound Starting on April9th and ending on April 17th new moon to April 20th which is the Bradley date.
SO- simply stated
IF we do get a decline Next week as suggested, then BUY on the 5th, and get buckled in for the moon shot.

The 5th reading calls for an OK start- mid day drop, and OK finish
As always
Best Wishes


Wizard said...

Hi Jay,

I am assuming that you are forecasting the parallels in all of the major US equities markets?

If so, do you have any sense what the precious metal stocks as well as bullion will do in your Elliott, Gann, Delta, Bradley "counts?"

Will the PM's move in the opposite direction or just mirror the MMs at this early stage of severity?

April 4 is a delta/ew/gann ITD "high" with April 13-16 a "low."

Thanks for your thoughts?

Jay Strauss said...

Please send me your input and question via email

Its looking like Arpil5th should be a decisive day, and IF we get a sharp sell off, then it remains a BUY at the close.

Gold should follow fairly closely to stocks as it has for a long time now, at least since the low of 2001.

Gold Made a 5 yr run up and topped with stocks last May 10th.

Should languish and struggle till oct/Nov 2008, then we should see it run well above 1000 and DOW move up to the 16K level by late 2009.