Wednesday, March 14, 2007

STILL on Track for Friday

I love it when Maria gets so excited over a 50 pt rally. AHHG - throw up..

Market took a hit at the 204 to 210 bar cycle today at 12:30 to 1pm.
also got an AM hit at 10;30 at 180 bars
The BAR cycle RYTHM is the BEST tool Ive ever seen for DAY TRADERS- NOT my cup of tea.

IM HOPING im right about tomorow, because IVE held OFF buying and hoping to catch the PRE option expiration lows tomorrow. They want to SUCK in as many bears as they can to WRING them out to dry on Friday.

Hopefully that means a lower day tomrrow.
Got 259 bars at 10:30 AM
Got EITHER 60 bars at 3:30 or because they hit at 210 bars today, it could close the day at 329 bars at 4pm for the LOW. Wouldnt that be NICE to LOAD up on calls right at the worst level of the day at the CLOSE-

Gold and silver should enjoy a pop on Friday also, the XAU / gold ratio hit 5.00 yesterday- that deserves a pop also.
Best Wishes


nirvsb said...
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Jay Strauss said...

NO LOngs on Thursday

At rick is 193 points to yesterday's intraday low at 11,940

Friday's rally is a ONE day event
If yuo look at my longer term projections, you will see major lower lows to hit in April and Amy.
Its not a time to buy long
GET defensive and sell the rallies.
PS, please send me questions by email.