Thursday, March 08, 2007

Europe and Asia TELL ALL

Just as indicated earlier this week, we WILL GEt our Thursday rally.

There is a 180 bar hit at 4pm. That should only impact the closing, but I doubt it will be detrimental.

If you BOT in last Friday or Monday, your probably wondering WHEN to CASH OUT. ME TOO !

There is a STRONG POSITIVE influence at 9am Friday, which should spill over to stocks at the open and at least for the first 15 to 30 minutes.

HOWEVER, If an initial SPURT<> runs the dow up big (+100 ) in the first 5 minutes, THAT for me is my CASH OUT signal.

IF Thursday closes UP BIG and Friday opens as described, They will probably sell down mid day and might even close higher, BUT I really won't care at that point. Im NOT going to try to SQUEEZE the LAST penny out of it.

Most of next week LOOKS CRAPPY for trading, so I will be looking for a place to buy the QiD, which will most likely wait till Friday March 16th, where It's possible they will get a another surge.

best wishes

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