Monday, December 07, 2009

Are we there yet?

IT looks like 1119.34 was as close to 1121 as we are going to get

As you can , Dec calls for some WILD swings
from HERE tot he end of the month

This is not going to be a normal quiet December

One big reason is the 377 week cycle at the end of the month

Bradley dates are
7th was a high
18th should be a high
28th should be a low

Tides are
7th high
13 low
22 high
29 low

Dec 2009 is a blue moon month
DEc 2nd full moon high spx close
but only one full moon eclipse on the 31st, and the reading for that is rather negative
callling for critical conditions & arguments

more later


Anonymous said...

Wow, Merideth Whitney, a very credible analyist, was extremely bearish on CNBC today. Maybee I will get short for an extended period starting at the end of Dec. I've been long since April/May.


indigo said...

Fantastic call Jay! I'm so glad I found your blog. Do you see a shortable rebound later today? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bottom might be in already.


Jay Strauss said...

as usual , the mkt never sits
at lows like it lingers at highs
Propens index is pointing to a lod at or near close

AND same index says we open HIGHER tomrrow, but I dont have the close data yet for tomrrow.

If you were short yesterday, the 9:45 open @ 1088.61 is darn close to what some are calling the line in the sand at 1086

what other lows can we expect today?

11:30 was 90bars but did not have much signifigance
120 bars is at 2pm along with a 39 hour cycle from NOV 30th which could expect out to 2:30 or as far as 3:30 per RED tide for today.

1 down from 1119 to 1097
wv 2 back up to 1112
OPEN in wv 3 @ 1089
After 9:45 now in wave 4 so far to 1097

So wave 1 in 5 waves should complete between 2pm and 3;30 today-
Can it break under 1086?
You would think so, given the open

MY GAME PLAN would be to cover shorts at
Any attempt to match or go lower
during the above time slots

should you buy the LOW ?
thats up to you.

THE POWER INDEX is mixed for tomrrow : the read is negative,
BUT the POWER INDEX turns LOWer for the 10th

Should offer some great day trading OPPS


cHeRyl said...

Thanks Jay! You are incredibly generous with sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated! I was thinking the same thing too, that we finish wave 5 (of A) down around 1085 towards the close today, and going with your reading of jarring instability tomorrow, I thought we might see a replay of last Thursday's or Friday's action, where the market gaps up first thing in the morning in a B wave up, closing the gap at 1103, and then reverses sharply down in a C wave. Does that sound likely?

cHeRyl said...

btw Jay, I know you've been calling for 29th or 31st Dec as a low, and FlashFusion also has 29th as a test of quarterly support / major low. But I think he also has 31st Dec as a triple leg day, which is very bullish. Does your astrological reading suggest that a blue moon might actually be very bullish for stocks?

Coy said...


Around 3:00PM would you give us a reading of Propensity and Power Index?


Jay Strauss said...

both of those are already fixed

Power index is 3 days advance
propens index is near one day
and will be complete for tomrrow later tonight

If you notice the GRAPH
IT SHOWS a LOW on the 28th, but yes there could easily be a lower open on the 29th - [not yet confirmed by power or propens indexes- see above note to Coy
for clarification of how those are applied]

A low on the 28th or 29th would be followed by a rally on the 29th & 30th as SHOWN.
WHAT does that DO FOR THE 31st???
the ECLIPSE LOW at 2:14pm

IF you can trade BOTH ENDS,
DOWN from the close of the 30th & then BUY the eclipse low at 2;14pm, THEN all the more power to you


cHeRyl said...

Thanks Jay, sounds like a great plan! I think the 31st is a half trading day though. So the eclipse low hits only after trading ends. I'll look to scale into longs on the 30th though, depending on the market structure then.

Jay Strauss said...

the HALF day is XMAS eve Dec 24th

Dec 31st is a WHOLE day


cHeRyl said...

Oops, got confused with the European markets! Thanks for setting me right Jay!

Anonymous said...

The current price action isn't making any sense until you realize we might be trading in a triangle.

Ohhhh brother.


Anonymous said...

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Investment approach: Models suggest equity markets should continue their present consolidation pattern into Q1. This pause in the longer-term upward movement of indexes is consistent with many past bull markets. This flat trading allows the fundamentals to catch-up with the technicals. Investors may wish to buy on weakness or wait for he anticipated low in January or February before adding new positions.

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Anonymous said...

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