Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day- First Day

Elliott waves are so mixed up, its very hard to get a good reading

Astro still predicts some selling today and a rally First day of 2010

but the rally on Monday comes with a warning

and thats just what MANY are thinking for 2010- pie in the sky -
Call it extreme exuberance [hmmm]

Historically Jan 6/7 and 22nd are important dates from the last few years,
and it does look like they will be important this year also

AFTER Jan 22nd we could actually get that elongated decline into APRIL6th
please dont ask how low is low- no way to tell- just use fibo for incremental levels

Thanks to ALL my regular contributors and the NEW people for some excellent commentary
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indigo said...

Happy new year and many thanks for your wonderful work Jay! I'm sure there are many of us who are grateful for your guidance!

Anonymous said...

I agree with indigo

thx Jay


Anonymous said...

Hello guys. Can't trade today because I'm already drunk along with my girlfriend and waiting for NewYears. Here's to a very profitable 2010.

Happy NewYear


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

Low of jan 7-8 lower than dec 31?
Thanks for the great blog.


rrman said...

PUG are you still seeing 1119 on the SPX?
The SP-500 made an ever so slightly new low at 1121.75 this morning. It looks like my call from the EOD on Tuesday is playing out to the "T" or should I say A-B-C. :-)

I'm expecting a little more downside pressure today to aournd 1119.

Anonymous said...

we're going lower. So don't pat yerself on the back just yet rrman. There were others sayiin the same thing or better.


Coy said...

Happy New Year!

May we all be market-wiser and profitable in 2010.


Jay Strauss said...

Heres some MATH to Think about

Dow high = 14,280 -Oct 10,2007
Dow low =6440 - Mar 9- 2009

total loss = 7840 = 55%
FIBo on the button

Turn it around
55% of 7840 = 4312
6440 + 4312 = 10,752

Weve been creeping our way up the ladder and the difference between
10,580 and 10,750 is a quite narrow margin

throw it back in my face.

IF Jan 22 becomes the HIGH
from high to low took 18 months
from low to high would = 9 months

Any set back would NOW be limited to a fibo relationship allowing the above to occur within the established uptrend.

support have been strong at 10,200
since Nov 13 and it will probably hod again given the above scenario.

SO, we are POSSIBLY looking at my graph & C0ORDINATING the above data indicating a low on the 7th at the support area of 10,200 - 10,250, and a high on Jan 22 at 10,750

From there, I am expecting a sell off as previously mentioned to April 6th in increments.

April 6 = 13 months from March 6.
thats 288 days = 144 X 2
THE FIRST 144 ended on the OCT2nd

One more point using time
March 9 to Jan 22 = 222 days
222/288 = 78%

April 3rd & 5th ALSO has 2 MARS squares
1 to Venus and other to Merc


Anonymous said...

Looks like she's done for the day. I'm folding up the tent and heading out.
Lot's of drinking and sex tonight guaranteed, and with a little finessing, maybe an extra girl or 2 for a threesome ormore.
Now that's the way to start a New year.

GoodLuck in 2010. Stay young and trade, don't gamble!


rrman said...

Lol x I was just quoting Pug's forecast for today

rrman said...

Helge has us going down all day so I think I may stay short until end of day trying to decide to go long for the pop monday or just go flat and go long Sunday nite

rrman said...

Helge look at chart 2 I think the next trading day which would be friday he doesnt count usually marks thru it so i'm not sure what he's saying for monday but he's been close to Jay's chart so I will figure its up

Anonymous said...

Anyone has any opinion on Russel 2000 index or iwm cos this shot up from 18th usually at the end of year phenomenon. Do you think IWM or Russell will make any major move in Jan, I am short of it.
Hey Jay Love you bro. Pl keep it up.

Phil where are these girls?

rrman said...

Joe Ferrazzo just reminded me about a
SPX gap at 1120.59 if we go down and fill it this afternoon that would put Pug's SPX 1119 in play

rrman said...

out of shorts staying flat for the holiday we hit PUG's 1119 on SPX

Y said...


Shorts paying off baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you were following!!!!!!


rrman said...

couldnt resist back in long 1114 for the pop monday what a day!!!

Y said...

I'm out with 13+ points baby!!!!! from 2 days ago when almost everyone was chirping about melting up. Where are those pro's now. You know who walks the talk BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letting a token ride just in case she gaps down on Monday. If she don't I could care less!

Y said...

To my impersonator y, Have a happy f#$king newyear.



Anonymous said...

--Great call again Y.
Have a great NewYear!
Let us know what you're thinking on Monday if you don't mind.


Reza said...


I told you guys to go long at 1110 and also mentioned that they will try to close at 1110 at the previous blogs

rrman said...

yeah Reza good call..