Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec 2009

Here's the Dec 2009 chart with dates filled in as provided by one of our own members

With Merc 90 Uranus yesterday right at the 3pm low, we might have seen the lows
with the next highs on Dec7th & 9th as above

Todays High looks good for 9:53am when Venus is 60 Neptune
Money illusions??

the next buying opp should come on Thursday which has some difficult readings

But the strongest day should come on Monday, Dec7th as the above graph shows



Linton said...


you did mention that the dec 7 high is a lower high compared to the nov 23 high?

am i right to say that?

Anonymous said...


Helge has Dec.5. So you noth are pretty close.


Jay Strauss said...

Hi Linton

I did NOT write that DEc 7th is higher than NOV 23rd, but I cant rule it out as of this moment

We have to see what dec 3rd has in store for price levels,

but according to the graph, IF we have seen the 20 wk lows, then
we could get a higher high

Some one at my Yahoo group sees Dec 22nd higher also, and that is pictured on the graph- another higher High ???
No way to tell from here


Linton said...

ok thanks for the outlook jay

Djamel said...


it looks like 12/2 is going to be a top and 12/7 a bottom in my opinion.

UIK Trader said...

Interesting article .

Looks like we are following the path of the Nikkei bear market.

Anonymous said...

UIK trader

nice call....NOT

try again if you can.


Coy said...

I was looking for an entry point for UCO Proshares Ultra Oil. Bought on my low 11:49. Indices didn't seem to notice. I have a low at 12:44.

No guarantees.

Jay Strauss said...

As mentioned
Dec3rd and even the 4th should back off Full moon highs, but 7th still has power to recover and POSSIBLY make a higher high

Arms at 1pm = .92
and we have 180 new highs,
nearly matching the 23rd at 190

Today has positive influences.
Tomrrow calls for optimism, and as mentioned it changes to disruptions on the 3rd.


Jay Strauss said...

High today should occur at 2;31pm

Getting close to it now

SPX not making new highs - non confirming
Dow - just barely
transpts non confirming


rrman said...

Jay looks like we hit the high today now down at least until the 4th then maybe a rebound for a few days....what do you think about that?

Reza said...

RRMAN, Good to see u back

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. We got a blast higher coming soon. I wouldn't short just yet. You don't see what see perhaps. Anyway be careful with the shorts right now.


Jay Strauss said...

Sounds about right
low on 4th
tough open on 7th but recovers and head for high on the day

but 8th and 9th are stressful days
and could back off again

tomrrow says optimistic, but nothing there to keep it afloat

Dec has benefit from Jan effect, but other effects are not in sync with that- so it makes for sloppy activity


rrman said...

Jay I am guessing that the Dubai thing thurs nite screwed up the MM's plans.. we were supposed to run up until yesterday for high then back down to get gas for a run and I guess they decided to use the unexpected drop for gas and it wasn't we had the fakeout and now we get another run for the hill..

rrman said...

Hey Reza back from Mexico last week but have had the flu since just been sleeping glad to be back...

Reza said...

Goldman came today and mentioned to expect a rally during Dec. Any thoughts Jay and others on this

Jay Strauss said...

Sounds contrarian
they want to keep the PUBLIc
In stocks so they can dump and
rake in profits

Fridays sell off was an astro result of those 2 TRINES i wrote about on the 23rd which took place on the 25th & 26th

They were the PROPS for the XMAS rally

Remarkably, I see a very similar situation for day after XMAS, but this time it will continue to a LOW on the ECLIPSE full moon on 31st.

Actually the 24th should have a rather dramatic sell off

See my timing graph which now show the dates
they could be OFF by a day or 2, but the direction should be accurate.

If we get a real LOW on the 4th, then I will have to consider adjusting the graph dates to fit.


Jay Strauss said...

I really do have to proof read more often

that was PROPS for the TURKEY DAY RALLy - Nov 25th.


Anonymous said...

I know it's been repeated time and time again, but we topped folks. Today was the best day to get short since it's all down from here.

Anonymous said...

I'm short to the max here...looks like this market is done. Massive lopsided breadth selloff last week happened for a reason folks. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

MKT: DOW tests 11/30 10.3K & pass' monthly test; SPX bearish revs. at 1137, 1151; bulls can accumulate as low as 12/1 open gap

The Flash

Simon knows better than anonymous.

anonymous hides behind no-name cause he scared chitless.



Anonymous said...

If, and when we go higher, then that is what "wavers" call the "alternative count".
Or, the five in the five turns in to the five in the five of the NEW five, and this goes on, and on, and someday things reverse.

I have long advised that wavers have two trading accounts, one for the "preferred" count and one for the "alternate" count.

The little known secret to successful wave trading is to know, from vast experience, which count will turn out to be the count
that results in a trade being profitable. That way, the preferred never becomes the alternate, and the waver can claim
continuous expertise.

By the wave, e wave IS crap. And the 1111 SP resistance was known to everyone on the planet well in advance of today.


Jay Strauss said...

thanks for your input

You really would have more credability if you ID your self in some manner

Flahs was dead wrong about a LOW close Monday- the MERC 90 Uranus
saw the LOW and BOUNCE higher into the close

Full moon advanced 21/1

Now past the FULL moon, we have a some mild negatives ahead

Propens index was at 3012 yesterday has dropped to 2994 for today -

more later
Will be out of the office till noon

Anonymous said...

FLASH was not wrong. How dare you?

.....and if he is wrong, it's not really wrong - just off a bit. He is THE BEST and waaaay better than the part-timers here.


Bob P.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I'm going to listen to Red or rrman or Arak or Uktrader or EWaver's. These guys are all farts compared to FLASH.