Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Public charts from Columbia - link from market thoughts

triangle of what kind ?

1112 to 1089 = 22 lost
NOT ready to BREAK down yet??
Ok tomrrow gets back to 1101 to 1103

Propens index shows UP from the start, but it could start lower.

Today's low at 9:45 and again at 3pm - very typical

According to the POWER index the BREAK down should take place on the 10th

MY game plan
sold puts at 3pm today
BUY back at 1101 area anytime tomrrow

I will be out of the office till noon tomrrow- hope i dont miss out, but I think 1pm
or 3pm will offer the opp.



Anonymous said...

Jay - you mentioned that both 8/9 would be panic days .... what made you change your thought on this ? As the graph shows down till the 10th and then bounce to make a new low on 14th

Also, when you say breakdown on 10th - can you give more details i.e. timeframes etc

Thanks for sharing - so glad I found your site !!

ARAK said...


Same question as Anon. Dec energy chart says down, while you have changed tomorrow to up. A bit confused. Was it due to the depth of correction leading to a bounce back?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Jay Strauss said...

Poer index shows me 3 days in advance, but is sometimes tricky to rad correctly because of its clustering
Propens index shows the NEXT day
quite clearly but its NOT a complete picture until the Evening before.

Please do log in as a follower
Its good for my ego.

as above

Graph is a projection of ASTRO
Today's HIGH should give way to a late selloff which when graphed will look like the picture

same at dec 1 to 4 had BIG runup which collapsed on the 4th

Take the graph in consideration of what WE KNOW about market

And as a trader, Im sure you know what Im talking about

Back at noon

Anonymous said...

i have today or maybe yesterday as a minor bradley date,so we could be seeing either a short term high or low sometime today if we havent just starting to get back to last nights close as i speak.i will long any re test of the lows with a tight stop.

Anonymous said...

having said that,it does look like a wave 4 finishing with 5 down to which case 1086 looks likely.

Coy said...

Looks like my hits may happen today, because it looks like we're coming up to a hit, high, at 10:46. If that happens, we'll retract and get another high hit at 12:29.

Looks like clear sailing to a positive close from 14:34.

Times may be off as much as 6 min, even "working".


Anonymous said...

We're about to get an"ooomph" to the upside soon.


AS said...

Coy - so you are not looking for a move down tomorrow or into the 10th ?

Coy said...


Regarding tomorrow, if you don't mind, I can answer your question with much greater probability after 13:00. I will respond.

I have today finishing up. Tentatively down tomorrow.


Coy said...

The two best days, with strength, between now and the 18th:

Down 14th, Up 15th.

Coy said...

"They" made one quick sweep at 12:27.
Check $TRIN.

Coy said...

Actually the sweep was from 12:16-12:26. You just can't trust.

AS said...

Jay / Coy - what is tomm looking like now ?

ARAK said...

looks like tomorrow is the bounce, if any

Coy said...

14:34 is a low. From there, we should head up into the close.

I have tomorrow down. Tentatively, Friday up. You already know about the strength in Monday and Tuesday.

Coy said...

I should be saying low hit or high hit, not lows and highs. Hits are shallow and acute.

rrman said...

good call Coy almost on cue

Coy said...

Looks like we're calling for an open down tomorrow. That elusive dollar.

AS said...

Coy - can you elaborate what you mean - tomm moving lower ?

Still learning the lingo :)

Coy said...

According to the tools I use, the 3 major indexes DJI,SP500,NASDAQ will decrease in value in tomorrow's day session. I don't know how to make it clearer.

I don't divulge methodologies.

AS said...

Coy - thanks :)

I was not asking for trade secrets ... just more details on time etc ... not sure if you know before hand ...

spratman said...


Thanks for sharing your analysis with all of your posts!

Best to you!

Anonymous said...

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to said...

the next swing low should be around spx 1055, then a move to 1133 - 1144

If we gap below spy 1090 tomorrow then we'll probably print 1055 on the 15th.

If we screw around in this range the rest of this week then it will be a hard down week into opex.

Linton said...

what kinda outlook do you think we have tmrw guys?

ARAK said...

up, up and away Linton ... could go either way. if we maintain above 1095 at the open, that puts 1107 in play. below that, puts 1083 in play

lemonlime100 said...


apparently it doesnt really follow's jay's dec energy chart eh

Jay Strauss said...

THE MAIN trend is DOWN till Monday

How it gets there is another story

as we watch the UNDULATIONS which are typical in a declining trend

Dec is NOT a crashing type month, so anyone expecting such will be sadly disappointed

Some one identified 1055 as a potential price level in the comments yesterday, and I see no reason to negate the possibility

COY, your intraday timing was right on target for
Wed- thanks

Thursday might NOT start out weak
but should end lower.
I had mentioned 1102 area as resistance and It looks like that is still viable