Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dec 2009 final revision

This SHOULD be the final revision for December

Just got Charts Edge for this week and it looks very similar

His charts are NOT astro based
so its good to see 2 different systems with the same outlook
and FLASH has ALMOST the same dates as well - see his twitter link on main page

Heres some astro influences for this week
Dec 7th
calls for a challenging start but full steam ahead by days end
Dec 8
call is for stress & money headaches - similar to the 3rd
Dec 9
reading calls for A JARRING START & instability
then drifting along and just like CE charts, might find a low at 2pm - 3pm
Dec 10th
Lay low and recharge - might be able to get ahead
Slow & contemplative, better in the AM

more later


Jay Strauss said...

this should get a rise out of some one

DEc8 & 9 should be PANIC days for stocks & gold

9th = 192 tr days from march 9
192/8 = 24 segments of 8


rrman said...

Mahendra has went on tilt!!
Says go all in on faz...

Strong warning - Stock market will turn sharply down from today, major crash starting any time, don't hold any position in stocks for the next six months.

Dollar is trading sideways, those who remained skeptic about dollar should load up other wise from tomorrow it will be too late. Today sell Pound, Euro and Australian dollar with Canadian dollar.

Metals fall will give huge run to stock "SMN" and fall equity and banking stock will give huge money in "FAZ". Buy both of these stocks and go short on market and metal stocks.

NOTE: TODAY YOU SHOULD GO ALL IN, FINALY I FEEL TIME HAS COME AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF NEWSLETTER SERVICES. Few powerful institutions are betting against our predictions and they are winning battle, but we are sure final battle we will win, slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra may finally be right but he needs to fine tune his timing. He should visit Jay's blog to get some help.


Anonymous said...

The coming week, I'm inclined to favor a probe down as my primary scenario. Ill be looking for the ES to get below 1095, sometime Monday-Tuesday as a clue that the market is in agreement with my primary scenario. I would look for a low for the week to lie roughly in the 1060-1070 range. Alternatively, if the ES is able to close above 1119 early in the week, I would expect a high of the week to fall within the range of 1025-1140.


Anonymous said...

good morning all,the next 2 weeks is gonna get hairy heading into the last options expiry of the year.expect big moves in both directions before(i think) resolving to the upside.after expirys out of the way its free to fall if it wants to.can still lose a 100 handles and close the year out in the green thus maintaining the "recovery".im thinking a bit of a fast sell off this morning before climbing steadily higher the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Jay - you mentioned Mon as the best day to go short ... is there any particular timeframes you are seeing ?

rrman said...

sure quite on here added to my short /es and faz at 1107

Anonymous said...


good call for the longs today

good work Jay!!


Reza said...


Any updates for the rest of day. Also for the gap up down tomorrow am


rrman said...

Reza looks like the pop failed so down into the close down in the morning with a pop midday then back down into the close would be my guess but would be interested to hear Jay's take

Jay Strauss said...

So far today we are following the cycles quite well

39 hrs from the 27th gave us the opposite near the hod @ 9:45am

258b at 10:30 came in low, and moved the mkt higher again to 1;15 matching the hod.

13day cycle at 2;30 was the lod

and 60bars at 3;30 should give us the final rise today into the close

What about tomrrow? you ask

Neg news should hit later today at about 9;35pm, and again at 2am
That should offer a strong down open tomrrow and follow thru till possibly thursday at 10am
where we have a convergence of short term cycles


Anonymous said...


How about a POP higher tomorrow morning for a bull fakeout, then rollover down into Thursday?


Reza said...

Bama speaking tomorrow am

Jay Strauss said...

I wouldnt want to bet on an open higher, but dont let me stop you from doing what you think is best

61% bulls
26% bears

S&P now off 3.00 verses the dow hovering around unch

WHENEVER the SPX takes such a big lead in either direction it usually PRECEDES a stronger move in the same direction which in this case is DOWN

I gave you the readings for each day this week
MERC 0 PLUTO influence today
The POWER OF WORDS - but watch out for manipulation

Was out most of the day, but made sure I was short between 3 and 4pm

BOT DJX puts