POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Chart from ROTROT , a member here & other yahoo groups

Matches my graph also TO SOME DEGREE
As it shows the mkt rolling over int he DEC 21st to 22nd time frame,
then heading for a YEAR END SELL OFF as the other graph has shown
SINCE I first published it earlier this month

I waited till 8:30 and the employ report finally meets with energy waning

Today, similar to Nov 20 should end lower, but the open at 9:45 to 10am might just be the lod

102bars at 10am
61.8%/13 day cycle at 1;43pm could be the pivot to a better close,
but again compare to Nov 20

Another lower open tomrrow could also offer a fair buy opp, but the energy IS WANING
that doesnt mean the bulls wont keep trying to prop up the averages next week

However, as the chart above shows and my graph also shows, along with astro events
we should see a strong sell off on the 24th & 28th
repeating again - the Dec graph makes the case for another dip on the 31st
making it a great place to buy for a very strong open rally on JAN 4th and part of the 5th

more later


Reza said...

Gambler of the year: Terrance Watanabe..$127 million gone.

Linton said...


Your first Dec Nat engergy chart says 22nd Dec is a higher high,

Now your outlook has changed to downhill from here?

Anonymous said...

Buy Dips!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Irish bishop resigns over sex abuse scandal: Vatican

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for your observation

Use your intelligence to see how there are variances within the CHARTS I present for FYI

These charts AS you have seen ARE NOT CUT IN STONE

the latest chart is from one of my associates at one of my Yahoo groups, and it is HIS work that publishes the chart

I found it quite similar to my chart and thus I offered it for an FYI

as I stated- the bulls will NOT GIVE UP until the last minute

IMO< the last minute high is still expected to be DEC23rd

it could be a LOWER HIGH

I CANT TELL YOU IF IT WILL BE A HIGHER HIGH OR NOT Just because it is pictured that way

And if it is, it might only be INTRADAY

Remember HOW DEC4th was the HOY at 1119, but then headed lower to the 8th - IT WAS NOT SHOWN THAT WAY ON THE GRAPH

I cant put every nuance on these charts so you do have to use your market knowledge to interpret

and again on the 31st

TODAY started off as SHOWN on the last publication of MY graph
and could also start tomrrow off on a weak start, but that should clear the way to the TURN down on the 24th next week.

January is being worked on and should be ready for the weekend


Reza said...

Irish bishop resigns over sex abuse scandal: Vatican

Is he on the list of the anything of the year

Jay Strauss said...


You would have more credibility
if you logged in as a follower
so we could track your calls

We are all very grateful for short
and quick analysis such as buy the dip, but we need a little more than that
spx 1100 appears solid, but if it breaks, then 1080 might be next for later today


Jay Strauss said...
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Anonymous said...

Yopu people are so stupid. It's a sell morons!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


No he's not. But the roman catholic church should get:

"religion of the year" or for the "millenium"

Never have I seen so many children abused, so much money being extorted, so many people being controlled, and so many wars being condoned by this most ridiculous mens club of narcissistic meglomaniacs who think they are God.


Coy said...

News takes precedence over the technical, darn it.

High hits: 13:00, 14:20

Greatest downside bias, last 30 minutes of trade.


Coy said...

Thanks for speaking up, Peter.

rrman said...

I hope Y got stopped out on his last long call...

Reza said...


Well said

Reza said...


Any thoughts about tomorrow

rrman said...

Interesting Chart from Cobra says all big pullback days in NOV/DEC happened on thurs Reversal Friday
and Magic Green Monday on tap.[2].png

Jay Strauss said...

Since tomrrow is a Bradley date and

they are headed DOWN, it would then
be prudent to suspect a LOW tomrrow

180 bars @ 10am
250 bars @ 4pm
that would be a truncated 258bars

There is a Venus 180 Uranus often found at or near lows, but it occurs Sat nite and I did not expect it to have such a draw down effect

Mars Retro in LEO on Sunday might add to the confusion on monday and cause many to rethink & regroup

however, once they get down to 1070 as some of us have been calling for since Monday, they can then mount that rebound
on Dec 22& 23 which to answer Linton would then top out at a LOWER HIGH .
the whole setup fromt he 14th would then look like wave 1 down and wave 2 up, thus setting up wave 3DOWN on 24 & 28
wave 4 up on 29/30
and wave 5 thump on Dec31

all the above fits in well with
MY graph and the one from ROTROT

I dont know if anyone noticed, the BKX has been in near freefall
And it is NOW effecting the other equities also


Linton said...

Thanks for the outlook jay, appreciate it