Thursday, March 31, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - APRIL 2011

March 31st @ 11am
Waiting now for Lavoie chart next few days & will add it to the mix.
I have a copy of Charts egde, but can add  seem to it here, however, it does ALSO show a SEVERE drop in stock prices next week to Apr 11th.

Theres NO way to tell just how much they can sell off in one week, but it could end anywhere from a level of spx 1250 to as low as 1105.

We did NOT get the END of MARCH sell off as previously projected as the FIBO cycle convergences inverted to what looks like highs.

IT looks like we get to flatten out the next 2 days and whatever happens over this highly energetic wkend will surely show its effect on markets on Monday, April 4th

It would appear this NEW moon CYCLE has uplifted Energies thus FALSELY Elevating our expectations including stock prices, and ONCE it has culminated, appears will allow REALITY
to hit us hard in all directions as per my previous publication about negative energies coming at us next week from events about to occur

I went looking for TIME relationships for April11th and found this
 NOV 20, 2008 to Apr 11th, 2011 is 600 trade days
Oct 12, 2007 to Apr 11 = 880 tr days
in between there are coincidental highs or lows at SOME 220 day intervals, but not all
there are no fibo times that can be found for this date


rrman said...
look at chart 2 helge agrees with Jay just a few days off he says we go up into tuesday for a peak then big down from tuesday until the 11th but long term helge says we will go down ALL month with a few rebounds (lower highs) scattered in.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for update

All the action in world events is on schedule for Sunday after 4pm EST which means the MIDEAST in the middle of the night, so we wake up with a smack on the head which wont clear out thoughts in the least

All the CHARTS I have show a severe sell off Monday and it might even start tomrrow, but I doubt it.


Abdullah said...

So far the day has gone about the way I'd have expected. We spent a little time red, then inched green. Now we're up 27 points and just a stone's throw from the Feb highs, which are significant.