Thursday, March 31, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 31st Morning Report

March 31st @ 8:45am

Today's stats
Flash's GRAVITY TURN date
ONE day BEYOND  the LAST fibo convergence
Psych calls for a day of disillusions
156 bars @ 10am
180bar sat noon
204bars at 2;pm - could be the lod

From March 9th, 2009 if we look at the SPX chart we can see only one rather large decline
which occurred from Apr 26, 2010 to Aug 30, 2010 and took out 210 spx pts = 17%- might be considered wave 2

the CURRENT high of Feb 18, 2011 to March 16th low was only a mere 7%, and looks like only the SECOND setback within this entire rising trend from Mar 2009, making it looks like WAVE 4
BUT is it OVER with ONLY a 7% take away??

IF this current UP leg from March 16th is ONLY a "B" wave high within a 4thwave retrace, then we can STILL EXPECT the next leg down to take out an equal of 17% or 226 pts taking the spx back to

World turmoil as previously discussed can accompany such a down leg between NOW and April11th
more later


Sean said...

Jay, this is a not a "wise ass" question -- God knows all of us have struggled in this market. However, do you have any ideas as to what happened to the "Crash" that was supposed to happen between March 18 and 18?

Your signals seemed to have been accurate up to that point (amazingly so). Going forward, looking for something to occur between now and April 11 seems to be a setup for a similar disappointment UNLESS there is a reasonable analysis of the failure of this most recent projection which failed.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in here. It ain't easy.


Sean said...

Previous comment should have read "between March 18 and 28"

rrman said...
look at chart 2 helge agrees with Jay just a few days off he says we go up into tuesday for a peak then big down from tuesday until the 11th but long term helge says we will go down ALL month with a few rebounds (lower highs) scattered in.