Friday, March 18, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 18th Closing Report

9AM March 18th

IT appears from the EKG & IMPACT STREAM the energy may be waning, but FUTURES show a strong open rally- HOW LONG will that last ?

ON a WAVE basis, it looks like were in an interim SIDEWAYS or retracement wave off the spx 1250 low on WEd @ 2:30pm right at 126bars.

HOw high is high?
1332-1250= 82
82X 38% =31 + 1250= 1281
82X 50% = 41 +1250 = 1290
SO, best guess is between the 2 levels above, and 1285 is OPENING TARGET

PSYCH calls today an EXHAUSTION point, and if they reach it at open there may be some strong selling after as per the above graphs, but it really matters NOT as the MOST important part of this CRASH wave is still in front of us-- March 18th to 28th

Even if they come off the highs today and go red for part or end of the day, there appears to be one more shot at a secondary high on Monday - Will that be higher or not, theres NO way to tell.

Full Moon once again lifts all boats
CANT IGNORE those BRADLEY dates which have tended to be HIGHS, and today is another one
There are NO more Bradley dates till May20th -
What does that mean for the rest of March & April??


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