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Friday, March 25, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 25th Morning Report

March 25 @ 8:45am
On the SURFACE it DOESN'T LOOK LIKE anything serious is about to occur, BUT

The above charts seem to be saying something

Impact steam shows weakening , again

ACTIVITY index has dropped from a HIGh of 400 on the 23rd, and 300 yesterday to 66 today
ITS lowest level possible is 33, so we see NO energy to support higher prices without a serious sell off FIRST.

Dynamic index PEAKED also on 22 & 23rd and appears to be heading lower in ALL 5 components

Charts Edge shows SELL OFF next week
Xtide shows sell off Next week

26 hours tody at 10am or sooner - consumer sentiment at 10am

Yesterday was an 8 day cycle and it appears as a high, MAKING TODAY AN 8DAY TURN

THE SPX graph above from March 16th LOW @1250 looks like
a-b-c@1300 ~ X @1276 ~ a-b-c@1309.66
1344-1250 = 94 pts
94 X =62.8% = 59 + 1250 = 1309
Closed yesterday at 1309.66

More Later


Abdullah said...

- Best Buy tell us sales fell?
- consumer was getting squeezed over gasoline and couldn't afford the TV's and gadgets
- problems in Mid East
- fall out in Japan
- Euros zone still a problem
- ..
- ..

But in this age of Federal reserve baloney, reality doesn't matter. All that matters is rising stock prices, so the insiders can cash out and the sheople feel better that their 401K looks better.

rose2797 said...

Abdullah, are u still holding shorts from last year. I am still stuck in TYP and TZA- cannot seem to get out of them

jg0044 said...

What kind of target are you looking for next's week low on the SPX.?

Abdullah said...

rose - yes still holding FAZ, BGZ, VXX. Yes still DOWN in those.
FAZ looks good for a move up. VXX is your fear factor ... I guess the world problem is no more.
I had the chance to get out of BGZ as it moved up ... but will wait.

FP's on the above showed a lot higher prices. sit and wait

Bought DNN @ $2.23 ... Waiting on to make a move.

Still holding UNG, GLDX, SLW.

rose2797 said...

Abdullah, what is making me scared is people talking 1400, 1450 s&p. I think you are in better position than me, as u bought some gold silver related stocks. I am down a lot on these- it is causing me lot of stress. I played these without stops - unaware of Q2 at that time