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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 17th Morning Report

March 17th @ 8:30am

Psych read for today
DONT BELIEVE All that you hear or see

26 HOURS high due at 10am

Activity index was at 100 all day for last 2 days, now only at 200 this AM-
NOT indicative of great strength by any means

Pass UP on ANY NEW OFFERS or new starts
Deception & Misleading

Confidence WANES -

Exhaustion point - Depressing news
tend to duties - expect impostions

Full moon Psych
Sudden upsetting mood shifts
Closest to earth since 1992- eliptical orbit

Bradley date Friday =  HIGH OR LOW ??
COULD BE BOTH a  LOW in the AM, and later recovery

More later


Jay Strauss said...

A-B-C off the LOW at 1250

1332 - 1250 = 82
82 X 38% = 31 + 1250 = 1280
82 x 23.6% = 19 + 1250 = 1270

GOT back to 1275 in 3 waves

Could edge a little higher


rrman said...

helge is showing like a flash crash starting around noon central

Abdullah said...

They want to run this so badly they can't stand themselves. Unfortunately, Japans national radio put out a report a bit ago that higgh levels of radio activity have been detected now at a 30 kilo distance. Until that, they were saying you were safe at 20Kilo's. That is why we aren't up 250 right this second.

Abdullah said...

We're probably not going to reclaim the 50 day moving averages on the S&P or the DOW. That still places the market smack in the danger zone, despite Japan. We're still technically damaged.

UNG should have more upside to go.

rrman said...

yeah still long ung I think it has a lonnng way to go....Japan will intervene tonight on usd/jpy it should be good for some fireworks if you want to watch the futures this eve

Jay Strauss said...

LOOKS TO me LIKE one more LEG lower in WAVE 3 of C to possibly spx 1227