Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 29th Morning Report

March 29@ 8am
Looks like we see the market float a bit this morning
39 hours at 10am usually effects a high and there is some mild positive energy till noon
however we did see 252 bars effect a lower close yesterday thus that might be only part
of 258bars now due at 10am, so its a battle the first 30 minutes

Oil, gold, Europe, all down prior to our open, but not by much.

Morning calls for optimism & stability, but this afternoon gets bumpy, and that outlook is reflected
by BOTH the POWER DATA Graph & EKG
Activity index is DEAD FLAT at 33 this AM
Dynamic index is also mostly flat, but has blipped just a tad

This feels like TORTURE, waiting for Goddot
Another 6.2 after shock off the coast of Japan
IS there anywhere else that could shake rattle & roll, thus causing panic, not just on Wall st, but every
family near such a spot in the US- Any major shock here could cause a panic on Wall st as well as a run on stores for water & canned foods, etc survival products, such as we see in Fla every time a hurricane approaches

We see the technicals are indicating some backing off should occur
We also have that FIBO cycle convergence next 3days.

More Later

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