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Monday, March 28, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 28th - NEGATIVE ENERGY ALERT

THIS COULD BE THE WILD CARD in a possible FLASH CRASH - next 3 days

610 tr days low from Oct27th, 2008 occurs on March 30th
Merc Retro occurs at 5pm on March 30. Merc retro & direct coincide frequently with mkt turns within 24 to 48 hrs. RETRO STATIONS indicates MISTAKES & CONFUSION

520 tr days from March 9th lows=  65 x 8
Mar30 is also within a near collision with the May6th flash crash, = 220 days = 4 x 55, but its actual day count is 226.

There is also an energy effect at 9 pm which could strongly ELEVATE the level of concern, adding to the above confusion

Such a BREACH could effect Japanese exports for years to come, making everything from
spinach to ipods problematic, and the ECONOMIC trickle down effect could be enormous

More Later

On March 10th there was a VERY negative energy event indicating


We had a NUCLEAR accident on March 11th
& Uprisings throughout the middle east

THERE IS ANOTHER VERY NEGATIVE ENERGY EVENT about to occur on APRIL1st indicating more of the SAME
That energy would tend to SADLY confirm a BREACH and WORLD PANIC about to happen within the next 3 days 

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