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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - ARCANE

Keep this in MIND
I am NOT an astrologer so the information Im publishing comes from what I read elsewhere,
but it is from extremely reliable sources

There is too MUCH going on to relate every detail, so heres a summary;

There are explosive combinations of NEGATIVE energy about to unfold from NOW till April 11th.
 which could effect the following:

Increased military involvement for Washing DC

Increased potential for another Seismic event or other weather related problem

Conflict to spread further in the Mideast and could involve Israel & Tehran

tempers can FLARE and there could be a tendency to use excessive force, and get out of control

More Later


Abdullah said...

So, now what happens? We're up 70 points on the day, and that puts the DOW within 50 points of busting up and over the Feb highs. If the Friday jobs report is good, we will surely see that happen. Then I'd guess that we run another few hundred points into earnings season, and then it runs out of steam.

But.. if the jobs report doesn't mirror the ADP report, or the unemployment rate rose back up, there's a chance we just nudge up against DOW 12,400 and it serves as a top and we see a pull back.

So indeed this is a pretty interesting time if any the NEG energy Jay's is sharing with us.

Abdullah said...

I'd expect tomorrow to be a "hover" day. They'll keep the market flat to slightly up all day, as they look forward to Fridays report. The problem of course is that if the Jobs number stinks out loud, we'll gap down hard, very hard.

Abdullah said...

we're approaching a resistance level, we have a big number coming and that number will determine the short term breakout or breakdown of the market. I might lighten up a few shares here and there tomorrow, and take some profits off the table. I'll simply have to see how the day evolves.

Abdullah said...

For your reading pleasure:

The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes.
BY Charley Reese

futures trader said...

HI Jay..
How have you been talking too ...Very interesting analysis..
Not that I dont agree.but you might also want to look alittle home too ...AIG.