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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 23rd Morning Report

March 23rd at 8:10am
Today is the day PRIOR to a fibo cycle pivot low of 144 tr days from Aug 26th

Psych today
Take nothing for granted
expect $$ issues
$ & Friends do not mix well today

Tidal effect today in reverse

13 hours at 10am & new home sales data

Elliott wave using a simple count seems to show completion of wve 1 to 4, now waiting for 5

more later
8am March 24th- The EKG did NOT work out as expected, but it started out ok, but finished poorly
STILL holding onto an 80% accuracy record since Jan 1st


rrman said...

out of my /6e short at 1.4091 done for the day will short the pop tonight to make the same money twice

rrman said...

helge is saying up until around noon then down down down