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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - CRASH WAVE IN PROGRESS - NOW

March 16th @ 1:30pm

IGNORE most of the Labeling, but Columbia does a great job with MULTIPLE charts
of various time spreads

IMO- TOP occurred at 1344 on FEb 18th
I do agree with WAVE {A} to 1294 on feb 24th @ 2pm
NEXT looks like we got an a-b-c - FLAT at 1332 - A flat indicates extreme WEAKNESS ahead
MEANS WE ARE NOW in WAVE {C} which is breaking down into 5 waves of its own

WHEn will we see 3 of 3 of {C}?
It might not come as ONE SPIKE LOWER, but could also break into 5 waves 
SINCE It looks like an intial low Friday at 10am, 
That might be the bottom of wave 1 of 3 of {C}

IMO, it is really insignificant to TRY and break it all down
Just remember one thing
IT ALL CULMINATES on March 28th.



worm said...

Tks!! Then I have more clear idea what to expect.

Jay Strauss said...

A low hit at 2:30 on 126bars
spx @ 1250 got a response

tomorow does not portend well with more neg energy than today and more difficult Psych reads

NO NEW Deals
Confidence wanes
no support & run for cover
Agitation & confusion


Reza said...

This guy does good swing trades long/short

Lukegolf said...

Jay...are you expecting a move up beginning on Marh 28th?