POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - APRIL 2011

March 31st @ 11am
Waiting now for Lavoie chart next few days & will add it to the mix.
I have a copy of Charts egde, but can add  seem to it here, however, it does ALSO show a SEVERE drop in stock prices next week to Apr 11th.

Theres NO way to tell just how much they can sell off in one week, but it could end anywhere from a level of spx 1250 to as low as 1105.

We did NOT get the END of MARCH sell off as previously projected as the FIBO cycle convergences inverted to what looks like highs.

IT looks like we get to flatten out the next 2 days and whatever happens over this highly energetic wkend will surely show its effect on markets on Monday, April 4th

It would appear this NEW moon CYCLE has uplifted Energies thus FALSELY Elevating our expectations including stock prices, and ONCE it has culminated, appears will allow REALITY
to hit us hard in all directions as per my previous publication about negative energies coming at us next week from events about to occur

I went looking for TIME relationships for April11th and found this
 NOV 20, 2008 to Apr 11th, 2011 is 600 trade days
Oct 12, 2007 to Apr 11 = 880 tr days
in between there are coincidental highs or lows at SOME 220 day intervals, but not all
there are no fibo times that can be found for this date

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 31st Morning Report

March 31st @ 8:45am

Today's stats
Flash's GRAVITY TURN date
ONE day BEYOND  the LAST fibo convergence
Psych calls for a day of disillusions
156 bars @ 10am
180bar sat noon
204bars at 2;pm - could be the lod

From March 9th, 2009 if we look at the SPX chart we can see only one rather large decline
which occurred from Apr 26, 2010 to Aug 30, 2010 and took out 210 spx pts = 17%- might be considered wave 2

the CURRENT high of Feb 18, 2011 to March 16th low was only a mere 7%, and looks like only the SECOND setback within this entire rising trend from Mar 2009, making it looks like WAVE 4
BUT is it OVER with ONLY a 7% take away??

IF this current UP leg from March 16th is ONLY a "B" wave high within a 4thwave retrace, then we can STILL EXPECT the next leg down to take out an equal of 17% or 226 pts taking the spx back to

World turmoil as previously discussed can accompany such a down leg between NOW and April11th
more later

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - ARCANE

Keep this in MIND
I am NOT an astrologer so the information Im publishing comes from what I read elsewhere,
but it is from extremely reliable sources

There is too MUCH going on to relate every detail, so heres a summary;

There are explosive combinations of NEGATIVE energy about to unfold from NOW till April 11th.
 which could effect the following:

Increased military involvement for Washing DC

Increased potential for another Seismic event or other weather related problem

Conflict to spread further in the Mideast and could involve Israel & Tehran

tempers can FLARE and there could be a tendency to use excessive force, and get out of control

More Later

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 30th Closing Report

March 30 @ 8:30am
Today is the LAST fibo convergence date from PREVIOUS MAJOR LOWS
610, 162 & 520 tr days.

Power data graph indicates this AM is the LAST HURRAH for this up wave, and the underlying dynamic & activity data seem to say there is NO SUPPORT TO KEEP THIS AFLOAT.

Dynamic index shows uptick this am as does the EKG above, and the IMPACT stream is a ditto to the above

Are we there yet ???

1344-1250 = 94
94x 78.6% = 74
1250+ 74 = 1324
Looks like we will get there today

That NEG Energy which accompanied the Tsunami & Nuke problem is still ahead of us on Apr1st, along with the new moon on the 3rd. I had projected a low on April 4th, and it would appear that still stands as very likely.

Today's psych calls for DELAYING commitments
Tomrrow's read is for caution
Fri= reflect on old biz
Monday call is for nebulous trends & distractions

more later
We can see from the IMPACT stream, how the mkt was effected today, and they were both UP
the energy occurring today indicates  FALSELY ELEVATED VALUES
well discuss that further tomrrow


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - Technicals-Waves

C waves can be Devastating
And usually occur with an occurrence of bad news such as March 16th following the March 11th Tsunami and Nuclear plant difficulties, WHICH appears is STILL DRAGGING ON

Will that be the bad news in the next 3 days coinciding with a STRONG DOWN "C" wave?

Wave equality would indicate 94 pts down from 1314 = 1220
or a multiple of 1.618 x 94 = 152 taking the spx to 1162
or somewhere in between????????????


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 29th Morning Report

March 29@ 8am
Looks like we see the market float a bit this morning
39 hours at 10am usually effects a high and there is some mild positive energy till noon
however we did see 252 bars effect a lower close yesterday thus that might be only part
of 258bars now due at 10am, so its a battle the first 30 minutes

Oil, gold, Europe, all down prior to our open, but not by much.

Morning calls for optimism & stability, but this afternoon gets bumpy, and that outlook is reflected
by BOTH the POWER DATA Graph & EKG
Activity index is DEAD FLAT at 33 this AM
Dynamic index is also mostly flat, but has blipped just a tad

This feels like TORTURE, waiting for Goddot
Another 6.2 after shock off the coast of Japan
IS there anywhere else that could shake rattle & roll, thus causing panic, not just on Wall st, but every
family near such a spot in the US- Any major shock here could cause a panic on Wall st as well as a run on stores for water & canned foods, etc survival products, such as we see in Fla every time a hurricane approaches

We see the technicals are indicating some backing off should occur
We also have that FIBO cycle convergence next 3days.

More Later

Monday, March 28, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 29th Prelim Report

WAS that BEARISH CLOSE or what?

According to the POWER DATA index, we should see a GAP DOWN OPEN

And the EKG so far agrees with that outlook for tomrrow

See more in the AM


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 28th - NEGATIVE ENERGY ALERT

THIS COULD BE THE WILD CARD in a possible FLASH CRASH - next 3 days

610 tr days low from Oct27th, 2008 occurs on March 30th
Merc Retro occurs at 5pm on March 30. Merc retro & direct coincide frequently with mkt turns within 24 to 48 hrs. RETRO STATIONS indicates MISTAKES & CONFUSION

520 tr days from March 9th lows=  65 x 8
Mar30 is also within a near collision with the May6th flash crash, = 220 days = 4 x 55, but its actual day count is 226.

There is also an energy effect at 9 pm which could strongly ELEVATE the level of concern, adding to the above confusion

Such a BREACH could effect Japanese exports for years to come, making everything from
spinach to ipods problematic, and the ECONOMIC trickle down effect could be enormous

More Later

On March 10th there was a VERY negative energy event indicating


We had a NUCLEAR accident on March 11th
& Uprisings throughout the middle east

THERE IS ANOTHER VERY NEGATIVE ENERGY EVENT about to occur on APRIL1st indicating more of the SAME
That energy would tend to SADLY confirm a BREACH and WORLD PANIC about to happen within the next 3 days 

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 28th Closing Report

March 28 @ 9:10am
Cycle convergences may be providing a high today and low on Thsday

Ekg above shows little or nothing today

An important Low still on schedule for Thsday at 2pm

IT IS POSSIBLE for the daily psych read as published for Monday will actually refer to Tuesday
It would not be the first time for such inversions- Feb 28th & Mar1 flipped most recently

Activity index also at 33, its lowest possible value
dynamic index FLAT at a low ebb also showing no strength

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 27th Sunday UPDATE

published march 27th @ 7pm

A VERY Important LOW is NOW set for 
MARCH  31st @204brs at 2pm

EVEN if March 28th does NOT produce a big down day, then IT WILL OCCUR on the 29th 


Expected Price level math
94pts lost from 1344 to 1250
94 x 78% = 74 + 1250 = 1323 potential
82pts lost from 1332 to 1250
82 X 78.6% = 64 + 1250 = 1314 - CLOSE on Friday

1314- 94 pts = 1220
1314- 82pts = 1232

MULTIPLE FIBO convergences occur this week as previously noted
Mar 30 = 162 tr days from 10/27/08
Mar 30 = 520 from March 9th-- 520/8 = 65 segments

Another HIGh for the spx should occur by the end of April with a level 
at least near 1385, making it a very good bullish month REGARDLESS of the DIRE projections for a MONSTER decline by the 24th by OTHER cycle theorists

ONCE we get past this week, the NEXT cycle convergence lows dont appear till October, so theres plenty of Time in between to make it to higher levels  

Tuesday = OK AM, but turns sour later
Thsday = OK AM --- SOUR LATER
                Limiting & challenging 
                miscalculations - be cautious
                FLASH says its THE GRAVITY LOW

this is my FINAL WORD on UPDATES- {Whew}


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -WEEKEND Report & POWER DATA

Published March 26th at 10am
that need to be discussed-

Aug 26, 2010 to Mar 24th, 2011 =144 tr day high to high
Apr 26, 2010 to March 25th, 2011 = 233 tr day high to high
now heres the fun part

OCTOBER 27th, 2008 low at 8176 to March 28th =608 tr days
whats so special about that, you ask? 


OCT 27th at 4pm was a convergence of 4 & 8 & 55 %-13day cycles
608/4 = 152 segments of 4
608/8 = 76 segments of 8
584 tr days from DEC 1st, 2008 = 73 segments of 8
372 tr days from 10/2/09 -- 372 / 4 = 93 segements

252 bars occurs at 4pm, & 258 bars at 10am the next day& 39 hrs

PRES speech on Lybia on Monday night at 7pm

610 & 377 FIBO cycle lows occur on March 30 to Apri1st

Energy for Monday appears VERY NEGATIVE
as does Psych read
stern consequences
progress blockages
enemies lurk in the shadows
new ideas abound
optimism & stability return
Bumpy mid day
low tide day
more later

Friday, March 25, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - Close

Market Timing-Whats Next - Technicals

March 25th @ 2;30pm
since Jan 1st


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 25th Morning Report

March 25 @ 8:45am
On the SURFACE it DOESN'T LOOK LIKE anything serious is about to occur, BUT

The above charts seem to be saying something

Impact steam shows weakening , again

ACTIVITY index has dropped from a HIGh of 400 on the 23rd, and 300 yesterday to 66 today
ITS lowest level possible is 33, so we see NO energy to support higher prices without a serious sell off FIRST.

Dynamic index PEAKED also on 22 & 23rd and appears to be heading lower in ALL 5 components

Charts Edge shows SELL OFF next week
Xtide shows sell off Next week

26 hours tody at 10am or sooner - consumer sentiment at 10am

Yesterday was an 8 day cycle and it appears as a high, MAKING TODAY AN 8DAY TURN

THE SPX graph above from March 16th LOW @1250 looks like
a-b-c@1300 ~ X @1276 ~ a-b-c@1309.66
1344-1250 = 94 pts
94 X =62.8% = 59 + 1250 = 1309
Closed yesterday at 1309.66

More Later

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 24th POWER DATA adjusted


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 24th CLOSING Report

March 24th @ 8:30am

It doesnt look like anything serious will occur ,but we are still expecting an important
cycle low between  now and Monday, be it 1250 or lower???


abc~X~abc to top of wave 4 or B
NEXT is either wave 5 or C
spx to 1250 and or 1200 by Monday, MARCH 28th
YES it takes _____ you know what to play this market
OEX PC ratio yesterday was HUGE BULL @ 3.50%
IT wont be that way today- after 5;30 to get data

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 23rd Morning Report

March 23rd at 8:10am
Today is the day PRIOR to a fibo cycle pivot low of 144 tr days from Aug 26th

Psych today
Take nothing for granted
expect $$ issues
$ & Friends do not mix well today

Tidal effect today in reverse

13 hours at 10am & new home sales data

Elliott wave using a simple count seems to show completion of wve 1 to 4, now waiting for 5

more later
8am March 24th- The EKG did NOT work out as expected, but it started out ok, but finished poorly
STILL holding onto an 80% accuracy record since Jan 1st

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 22nd CLOSING

March 22 @ 8:55am
Looks like one more day of agony for the bears

See previous publication

NUMER 5 represents CHANGE
next CHANGE is 23rd.
March 23rd is NEXT

Thsday March 24th is
144 from Aug 26th low
Important Neg energy at 3:32pm

13 day cycle pivot low at 11;05am
126 bars @ 11;30am
Neg energy at 11;12 am

Even tho a 13 day cycle pivot occurs on Friday, that does not guarantee to be the LOW of this next decline, as ive seen over the past 2 years, it can be exceeded the next day or 2

The is also a FIBO cluster of intermediate pivots clustering on the 28th to April4th
233 tr days - hits on March 28th
377 tr days
610 tr days
there is NO way to tell which one of those will incur the actual low, but we can tell the pressure is on during those time periods


Monday, March 21, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 25th POWER DATA -UPDATE 3/22

March 21 @ 4pm

LOW OF WEEK expected on THSDAY at 3:32pm

Small variation for Friday
Low due at 13 day cycle at 11:05am
126 bars at 11;30am
Neg energy at 11:12am
After a higher open a pivot low should occur between 11 and 11;30am
A later high might not survive the day, and close either off the high or lower on the day

Today's Psych might actually be yesterday's
Afternoon SOBERING
 when unstable patterns effect the mkt

Numerology says the number 5 represents CHANGE
March 5th , we saw the SPX double top at 1332
March 14th the mkt started its fall to 1250
March 23rd is NEXT -


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 21st morning update

TOP of the UPPER CHANNEL LINE from 1332
lower line from 1294 to 1250

82 pts lost from 1332 to 1250
82X 62% = 50 + 1250 =1300
got there at 10am

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 21st morning Report

IMPACT STREAM - Monday March 21st at 8:25am

ENERGY has LIFTED OFF a bit this MORNING, but the Activity index is still only at 200 not showing very much strength behind this late blooming bull

NOTE the  2011 -{FIRST QTR} chart DOES SHOW March 20-21 as a HIGH before the TURN LOWER which is NOW corroborated by the EKG and IMPACT stream

1290 was mentioned and shown before as a fibo potential-
they got to 1288 last week,
but it looks like futures are targetting 1290 is the open target.

Psych read today
Vexing $ problems this afternoon

IMO, it means the mkt is high on itself, & unable to see reality
until something wakes it up this afternoon.

MOST IMPORTANT cycle at 10am = 39 hours FROM 1292 open LOW on March 11th at 10am.
The NEXT 39 hours cycle hits at OPEN or 10am on Tuesday March 29th

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next- Last week comparisons

ITS NOT very easy to understand the COMPLEXITIES of forecasting a week in advance now matter how good we think the data appears at the time of publishing- The mkt always seems to find another route, even if its only a minor difference.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -WEEKEND Report

March Debacle similar to April 14th, 2000 - IS NOW SCHEDULED - DEAD AHEAD

Psych reads this week
Monday- Destablaizing
Tues- Challenges
Ths - Draining
Fri - Demanding & squabbles

MONDAY March 28th -
Stern consequences & challenges
Demands come from ALL directions
Enemies lurk in the shadows


SUNDAY adjunct
MARCh 28th, no matter what occurs in between now & then


Friday, March 18, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 18th Closing Report

9AM March 18th

IT appears from the EKG & IMPACT STREAM the energy may be waning, but FUTURES show a strong open rally- HOW LONG will that last ?

ON a WAVE basis, it looks like were in an interim SIDEWAYS or retracement wave off the spx 1250 low on WEd @ 2:30pm right at 126bars.

HOw high is high?
1332-1250= 82
82X 38% =31 + 1250= 1281
82X 50% = 41 +1250 = 1290
SO, best guess is between the 2 levels above, and 1285 is OPENING TARGET

PSYCH calls today an EXHAUSTION point, and if they reach it at open there may be some strong selling after as per the above graphs, but it really matters NOT as the MOST important part of this CRASH wave is still in front of us-- March 18th to 28th

Even if they come off the highs today and go red for part or end of the day, there appears to be one more shot at a secondary high on Monday - Will that be higher or not, theres NO way to tell.

Full Moon once again lifts all boats
CANT IGNORE those BRADLEY dates which have tended to be HIGHS, and today is another one
There are NO more Bradley dates till May20th -
What does that mean for the rest of March & April??


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -March 17th UPDATE

LOOKS ONLY at the CHANNEL thats being FORMED on the decline OF 1332
The NEXT touch point is equal to the NOV high at 1228

WE should get ONE MORE SELL OFF to at least that level tomrrow

then it looks like about 4 days of SIDEWAYS to UP till the22nd or 23rd, as a guess for the moment.

CONSIDER that ELLIOTT wave {A}, rather than A


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 17th Morning Report

March 17th @ 8:30am

Psych read for today
DONT BELIEVE All that you hear or see

26 HOURS high due at 10am

Activity index was at 100 all day for last 2 days, now only at 200 this AM-
NOT indicative of great strength by any means

Pass UP on ANY NEW OFFERS or new starts
Deception & Misleading

Confidence WANES -

Exhaustion point - Depressing news
tend to duties - expect impostions

Full moon Psych
Sudden upsetting mood shifts
Closest to earth since 1992- eliptical orbit

Bradley date Friday =  HIGH OR LOW ??
COULD BE BOTH a  LOW in the AM, and later recovery

More later

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - CRASH WAVE IN PROGRESS - NOW

March 16th @ 1:30pm

IGNORE most of the Labeling, but Columbia does a great job with MULTIPLE charts
of various time spreads

IMO- TOP occurred at 1344 on FEb 18th
I do agree with WAVE {A} to 1294 on feb 24th @ 2pm
NEXT looks like we got an a-b-c - FLAT at 1332 - A flat indicates extreme WEAKNESS ahead
MEANS WE ARE NOW in WAVE {C} which is breaking down into 5 waves of its own

WHEn will we see 3 of 3 of {C}?
It might not come as ONE SPIKE LOWER, but could also break into 5 waves 
SINCE It looks like an intial low Friday at 10am, 
That might be the bottom of wave 1 of 3 of {C}

IMO, it is really insignificant to TRY and break it all down
Just remember one thing
IT ALL CULMINATES on March 28th.


Market Timing-Whats Next -March 16th CLOSING

March 16th @ 8:30am

LOOKS LIKE MUCH ADO about nothing

IM inclined to short today's close

Today's psych calls for modest gains

Tomrrow's psych
Agitation & confusion
Opposite of yesterday

11am update
Contrary to what the ekg shows for open, we got the second leg lower right away, but looking at a graph from Monday's close, we can see the rebound is occurring in a typical 3 wave pattern called ABC
Yesterday at 3:45 at 1288 looks like wave [a]
This morning low at 9:45 @ 1273 could be wave [b]
potential for wave [c]
1232-1261= 71 pts
71X 50% = 35 + 1261 = 1296
71x 38% = 27+ 1261 =1288

90Bars and NEG Energy at 11;30 in just a few minutes as the mkt challenges the 1261 low made at open yesterday- any rebound should start after 11;30 and will probably only end flat ont he day at best.