Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1 year GOLD chart
Notice the NOVEMBER 2008 low matching equity lows at the same time

If Mahendra and Myself are both right, then it would appear to me that
JUNE17th - 22nd could be an important low for BOTh as in Nov

NOTE the OBV is below the level achieved last July as well as March 09
and imo, is indicating a sell off cometh

Price of gold
994 on Feb 20 = sun / lunar sextile

897 , a Low on 3/10 = full moon

955, a high on March 19 = 90*Qtr moon

872 - 868 low on April 6 & 17th = 90* qtr moon

956 high on May22nd = new moon on 24th

NEXT LOW should match 60cal days from April17th
and or June 22nd on new moon
=30 cal days from May22nd

And the full moon on June 7th might come into play on the 5th

More Later


Unknown said...

Looking for Thursday to finish down (Dow, S&P500, NASDAQ).

Anonymous said...

Could tomorrow be UP and then DOWN on Friday??...and continue down on Monday? Do you see that potential possibility?


Jay Strauss said...

Willy, Please follow me, and dont add more than I post-thanks
ITS NOT WHAT I SEE, its what science tells me.
I do NOT guess the direction and hope its right-

I AM Using SCIENTIFIC resources, not just elliott
not just natural energy
not just cycles

Sometimes as you all know Im wrong. or a day off.
It happens, but Im NOT working in the dark

as for the next 2 days
lets look back first

We had 2 days OPEN down.
one gave us a 200 pt rally.
the second day DOWN stayed there and sold off as I reported in advance.
Today had 180 bars pegged for 3pm-GUESS What? It hit at 3:36pm,
then bounced a bit just as I suggested it might
Since we had 2 days open down, we SHOULD EXPECT tomrrow to open UP just on that basis ALONE.

BUT- NOW there is scientific data as the PROPENSITY index NOW shows an UP open, which lasts till mid day.

The POWER index is CLUSTERED at the 300 level making it hard to read but closes the day and opens tomrrow at 300.

the propensity index UNLIKE the 5day advance power index is NEXT DAY only, so it forces me to wait until it becomes clear.

The NEXT question is HOW high and for how LONG. this is matter of looking at the hourly TURNS of 11am, 1pm & 3pm.

there is NO natural energy to effect tomrrow.

I dont care how HIGh it goes, if I know WHEN. And it also is beneficial to know In ADVANCE that tomorrow's close will be down.

Sometimes, as traders we have to SCALE trade- or buy in at various times during the day as I did yesterday and today. Tomrrow is NO different.

where was I?
Oh yeh

Then there is Friday-
opens at 300 and jumps to 500 at the close -
NO further explanation should be needed.

Any further clarification will be offered as it was today if the propensity index does not confirm the power index.

more later

Anonymous said...

great work Jay. thanks.


Anonymous said...

from your work and others I see an up move am thursady-- good entry for shorts (902) like you are anticipating, break the majic number 886, 875 and head towards 860 good time cover the shorts.

who knows, the next bounce could be to 200dma