Friday, May 29, 2009

RANGE 880- to 910

ANOTHER great chart from Fed Wilhelmus

Shows the RANGE from 910 to 880

Lets all CONCENTRATE on 880
maybe we can use the FORCE to get what we want [ggg]

pardon my attempt at humor

more later


inphinity said...

who is tim mccarthy?

Anonymous said...

He has a website at

Jay Strauss said...

Welcome inphinity
great pic of you - cover of Fortune - fantastic
did you register as follower# 65

Ive posted some charts that Tim has provided, and he now has his own web site.

He uses totally different methods than I, and we are frequently in sync
as we are for June2nd.

I posted some UPDATES on the previous COMMENTS .


Anonymous said...

Jay, your call for 11:30 seems to be working out.


Anonymous said...

dear Jay
An idea for consideration. When you post during the day can you pl indicate a quick reference to your power index etc. to give some consolation.
I was long today on SP and it is ditching me.

Jay Strauss said...

power index today is set at 325
for most of the day and jumps up to 450 at days end
main reason for indicating a higher close

Its nOW NOON and we got down to -32 on the dow,

I DID WRITE there would be a LOW between 11:30 and NOON

why aren't you following me ??
MY bar cycles and 13 day cycle lows are fantastic against the hourly turns;
I havent used it as much as I could, but its great for day traders.
for example
they made a high just b4 the 11am TURN, -thats when i bot some puts & just sold them at noon

Even more important than the power index is the acitivity indx which updates every 5 minutes in real time
As I wrote, it dropped one level from 266 to 233, thus I did NOT expect a deep selloff, and I got out when the dow was off by 32 pts
RIGHT ON THE 13 day cycle low at NOON - AS I POSTED..

after the 13 day cycle the only other setback should come at 2pm on 60bars
after which they can run it up to a short term high, but I really dont expect anything much above
913, but we'll see


still holding shorts from yesterday

I might buy back at close if mkt makes anther move Up

Anonymous said...

where can i find OBV numbers ?


Jay Strauss said...

OBV can be SEEN as lower chart
graph on any brokerage site that has charts and analysis

Mostly I use big charts At Market watch .com
its seems to have the clearest view and I can update every time I click the draw chart icon

they offer 1day - 1 min to 15 min
same for 2day, 5day and 10 day +
1month to 10years X daily

Anonymous said...

thanks Jay, I found a description too: