Saturday, May 16, 2009


latest chart from Rotrot, one of our followers
NYSE chart shows an even more dramatic turn

Amazing, one follower last week said they were leaving because my timing showed a 1pm high and 3pm low
on Tuesday - I find that VERY amusing - Why ?, you ask.
I have been at MARKET GURU for about a month, and they are already
referring to me as a ROCK STAR @ 2% top timers

BUt you read my forecasts here first

Answer this for me.
HOW MANY PEOPLE in this WORLD can forecast market direction at all
and for any period of time.
That person who left expects me to hit perfection every day,
and Intraday as well-- once again - amazing

Called for an open down - we got it
called for rebound - we got it
called for 2;30 low - we got it
called for last hour rebound - we got it

Just from memory
I called the Nov 21st LOW within 5minutes
called the March 9th low within 1day
Called the May8th high within a couple days
and thats ok because tops roll

Whats Next
Monday's Power index is showing only a moderately off day
and might even start with a little bounce, and its showing the 20th as the bigger down day
which matches my previous outlook for ASTRO projections

As I wrote b4, GET ready this week to take advantage of this decline,
but ALSO get ready to BUY Friday's close for next next rebound rally
the 26th is characterized as a HIGH ENERGY DAY, and it doesnt stop there

More Later
ps; i dont mean this to be bragging, but someone has to bring it up
for now we are a well hidden gem, but one day maybe you'll hear my name on CNBC
Im not Charles Nenner or Arch Crawford by any means whatsoever.
just one guy trying to make a living trading and willing to share his knowledge
they say what goes around comes around - Im waiting [g}


Steve70 said...

Jay -

The follower must have been new at the market, or whatever.

It's hard to call them all.

I believe what made May hard is sometimes markets get overbought & stay overbought. This rally since 3/9 broke a lot of rally rules.

Finally, the 200 day MA was too much.

You do a great job.


Tim McCarthy said...

Always good work Jay. How about the 22nd, up? I need the 22nd up.
It looks like I need to get hedged for a couple days but I'm not as bearish on magnitude as some others.

Jballs said...

you the man jay. love ya baby. i say your timing is impeccable

Jay Strauss said...

when your hot your hot, and when yur not, well you know the rest

Steve70- Im not even going to guess what his problem was, theres too much to do to worry about it. He's Probably a frustrated bear.

Friday has a 50% segment of the 13day cycle due at 2pm
Subject to the new moon which is a downer

On the 22nd, The sun 45 venus at 3;14pm is an upper, so we might consider 2pm the BUY, BUT I will have a much better handle on that come Thursday

Im testing a new resource
its a numerical data base, and gives each day a value
heres next week

these are all negative readings
Monday = -20.396
Tues = -15.668
Wed = -19.144
Ths= -28.286
Fri = - 34.088
Based on this, We would expect Friday to offer the Lowest price values
for reference
last week's #s
5/11= -15.641 dow - 156
5/12= -16.427 dow +50
5/13= -19.907 dow -184
5/14 = -17.605 +46
5/15= -18.083 -63
Seems to have some validity

More Later

Waterfall said...

You do a WONDERFUL JOB! Please keep up the good work! I'm grateful for your efforts and your willingness to share your knowledge. Hats off to you!

Thanks for "Game Plan for next week"..based on your calculations
If im reading your comments rightly, the coming week is bearish until Friday 22nd which should present an opportunity to go long??? that right?

Unknown said...

I've read you since the 'Prodigy' days. This is the best work you've ever done. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

Ref. your 5/12 & 5/14 of last week.
Polarity of your value isn't polarity of day?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
is you service brand new or has it been around for years ?

I agree with the call for a high,

best wishes,