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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug 26th EKG preliminary

Except for the open, we have an UPDAY in store for tomorrow.


ARAK said...


Gap up open or flat open?

San said...

S&P 500 analysis after closing bell

Abdullah said...

It's getting tougher for them. In days gone by they'd have rocketed us off the morning lows and we'd be Up 100 points by now. At this point it's much harder for them to pull off.

I am convinced the direction is down, so I don't want to get long.. yet I don't want to get more short because I think they might bounce us for a day or two.

Sometimes the best play is no play and that's what I'm doing.

KAVIAAR said...

i've warned you there was no reason to be bearish... hope you are not trapped with your shorts under water

alisa said...

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sirgiyan said...

Have a look at the chart
As you may see there 2 scenarios and both are very-very possible.