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Monday, August 02, 2010

August 2nd EKG

Futures this morning confirm an UP open

Energy highs are possible at

Cant tell if the day will close off the highs, but it does seem likely

The daily read calls for smooth sailing & advancements

30bars @ noon
60bars is due @ 2:30pm

more later


Zander said...

Wow. The bears are really getting the stuffing beat out of them today. I'm going to keep my Longs for the rest of the week because this 22 points up so far is really making a statement.
Is anyone else long like me?

Reza said...

Use caution after it hits 1135, market value for this quarter. next quarter 1109

KAVIAAR said...

another frustating day for the bears.... zander, glad you figured it out... there will be NO meltdown... instead we are going to have a melt UP, it will be a HUGE week for the Bulls

Zander said...

ok Reza.
did you by chance see the spiraldate turn on Aug.6th?

Zander said...

I'm with you KAVIAAR. I will buy all dips until late August where I see first real shorting opportunity. And even then I am A bull well into next year.

JUFU said...

how does the day move from

"Aug 2nd
expect distractions early
Take cover even if the day goes smoothly"


"smooth sailing & advancements"?

E said...

"another frustating day for the bears"

A massive understatement!

If the largest cluster of planets in thousands of years can't even cause a geomagnetic storm on Earth, what does that say about astrology? It's just another failed new-age religion I suppose. Pluto is most influential in its role as Mickey Mouse's dog.

rrman said...

helge long term says we are due for a quick move down to the bottom of the
channel on /6e 1.2680 ish
first chart

E said...

Is this the salvation for the bears?