Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19th EKG

I'll take that as a resounding success
OK for a start, but I had been expecting more from my bear friends
Lots more coming next 3 days
Arms today was only 2.85
PC ratios came in at 90% bearish

So far so good
Down open, and some recovery
10am = Neg energy
39hr cycle, and if hod, even if only a recovery high ,then lower we go
10am = LEI & Fed survey data

SPOKE too soon
its now 9:55, and they are tanking
High might have truncated at 9:45, and I bot in just in time- now short
didnt want to wait for 10am


Off Aug 9th
wave 1 lasted 26hrs
wave 2 will be 19.5 hrs tomrrow AM

If im right about wave iii
should be 26 hrs from tomrrow AT 10am till 10am Wed, 25th

wave 4
19.5hrs to Aug 30th at 10 to 11am
wave 5
might go 26 hours to Spt 3rd at the 377 tr day mark at 10am

All we need now is for some one to strike up the band
its now 10:15am
And guess what, the BAND is PLAYING my TUNE

more later


John T. said...


So far so good on your call. Let's see if it continues. The real test will be that 20% call for early next week...Let's hope it works out they way you indicate. WITHOUT any indication of war as the trigger of the 20% down...

Jay Strauss said...

WAVE 1 OFF August 9th got to 1070

WAVE 2 made a FLAT in wv [c] which terminated at just below wv [a]@ 1100.14 on 8/17 & wv [c] @ 1098.95 on 8/18

AUG9th wave was an EDT =
VERY WEAK indications for the immediate future.

ALSO consider such an event to be an extremely WEAK indication of the IMMEDIATE FUTURE

NOW we are seeing only a part of the evidence from the above wave count


madaboutsingha said...

Jay, you might love the pic:

Jay Strauss said...

ITS very OBVIOUS that 1070 WILL NOT HOLD here
at about noon, its being tested,

Jay Strauss said...


CUTE PIC & nice chart

Jay Strauss said...

Even tho my yahoo group has been warned by me and a few others, the majority STILL Bottom fishing.

SOME think a LOW at 1070

Some think a LOW tommorrow

and the band keeps on playing my tune

Bethovan's 5th on Monday

rrman said...

good call Jay on the big drop but
I think this is a game day to get the longs out of their calls today before they take it up tonight/tomorrow to screw the bears out of their puts
I just went long /6e we are bouncing along the bottom of the big channel just like we bounced along the top a few weeks ago before it dropped to the bottom of the channel /6e is due to run back to the top...

Jay Strauss said...

Arms index at 3pm is 2.15 and no where near a buy.

It was 6.25 on the 11th

Tomrrow is supposed to be the same as today

which means
next week should start with no doubt about it


Joseph said...

Hi Jay, in your view and I or we are not holding you to it but the DOW at 10100 or SnP 1050 is the low in your view. If so then now is a good risk reward to go long in my view. Or do you see us breaking 10k next Mon/Tue as you refer to Blacker Mon and or a Tue/Wed intra day low possibly.... who really knows but interested in your perspective and others

rose2797 said...

Jay, Chris Charolin chart is showing a low, today and rally till 26th

Jay Strauss said...

Interesting Math correlation
Wv 1 from 1128 to 1070 = 58pts
wv 3 expect 58X 1.618 = 94pts
1100 - 94 - 1006


San said...

Dow Jones analysis after closing bell

San said...

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