Sunday, August 08, 2010

August 2010 -Math to Think About

There is a math model which im sure no one will believe
at this time but here it is anyway

Ive mentioned the CYCLES before a few times
The next 12 days has
Aug 10th & 24th MAIN cycle lows
as Ive published several times

Aug 10th=
55wks July9th, 2009
72wks March 9th, 2009
Aug 24th has 3 fibo cycles and a

Spt 1st will play an important role as a MAJOR PIVOT
leading to a strong rebound nearly all of September, but more about that later.

Heres the math
1220-1010 a price level that I nailed several weeks ago = 210 pts lost
210 X 1.618 = 340 pts
spx 1120 - 340 = 780, a level that was mentioned to me by other analysts also

This would also represent a 30% loss = to the crash of 1987
the total loss from 1220 = 440 pts or 50% of the 900 pt loss in 2008-09
this event would take the dow to about the 7000 level

Most likely the MAJOR emphasis will occur in 3 days
black Friday Aug20th
blacker Monday- Aug 23rd
Intraday low - Aug 24th

more later


rrman said...

Thanks Jay hope you had a good weekend!

ARAK said...

On target Jay. Short ES since Fri morning before employment report and holding for the big move down.

Reza said...

anything above 1122 is shortable for the quarter

Anonymous said...

just a nothin happening day again.short here at 1125.7.just a 2 point doesnt look like falling,but its worth a shot,just in case.

RickyBobby said...

I surmise the fire works will ocurr on FED day as most will sit on the sidelines.

RickyBobby said...

Aug 10 =

FED day
New Moon
Bradley Day
Spiral Calendar Date

Anonymous said...

fed day is usually a fake out that gets reversed within a couple of days ricky,thats been the pattern for a couple of years now will be interesting if thursdays high stays intact until then though.

Reza said...

whats taking so long to get to 1129.50, taking for ever. its been 3 weeks now. get it over with

Jay Strauss said...

Tomrrow's read calls for OPPOSITE OF TODAY

It would appear the 55 wk cycle is topped?
Low to high from March 9th.


Reza said...

market having trouble keeping 1122.

ARAK said...


what is your take for the today and tomorrow?

Jay Strauss said...

Unless they take out 40 - 50 spx today & tomrrow, then it would appear they are still playing out the EDT wave V.
Once thats over, we will KNOW immediately where we stand

This week has NO real dangerous energy, but next week is almost non stop other than a Tuesday reprieve

And As I wrote , the STRESS gets even more severe on 20th to 24th
which indicates a possible flash crash type event.
SWIFT AND DEEP and all within a few days.


jessica said...

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