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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Elliott wave Graph from Columbia

from Columbia's public blog
looks like W3 might be dead ahead, or at least 1 of 3 of P3
And My Aug energy graph also shows a very dangerous time period from the
17th to the 24th, a full moon with a bad temper this time.
Aug 11th is 360 tr days from March 9th as an important cycle ,
BUT THEN add 17 more days for that MAGIC 377 of Stan Harley fame, to get to Spt 7th, new moon day.
At the SAME time Mars & Venus make conjunctions with ARCTURUS- also know as the great
BEAR watcher


E said...

The proposed 5 waves down violate a major Elliott wave rule; wave 4 overlaps wave 1.

Some say there are rare leading diagonal triangles that look like this. If so they are usually followed by a full retrace in wave 2, so more upside would be expected here.

A more standard wave count would be A,B,C down followed by 1,2,i,ii up. If so, we may gap up tomorrow morning and keep on going.

E said...

As of 20:18 Sunday night S&P futures were up 5.90

Jay Strauss said...

Futures are very strong at 8am thus the day's read for a financial boost, and harmony are going to be in force today- Monday Aug 2nd