Friday, August 06, 2010

Aug6th EKG

The End of the day rebound was in progress on the EKG,
but I did not publish it that way as it was not complete as of the pub time

It would APPEAR that the EKG for yesterday
ROLLS over into Today thus making is a successful publication.

It would also appear the EDT may have completed
without the FINAL thrust or an outside day.

CYCLES come into PLAY NOW in a BIG WAY, no matter what the news,
oh I mean NOISE

Some tech's had yesterday as a CIT , and considering we aer now at an 8 day turn
it would seem that was a logical call

13 day low due at 11am today, but could be over ridden by larger cycles
or the next 13 day cycle on the 25th at 11am

A low midnite tide is an influence today also

Any recovery should top today at about 2pm on an energy high

60b @ 10am
90b @ 12:30pm
120b@ 3pm

more later


cementzak said...

i assume that thrust down at the open was the end of wave b, now in c up to peak of Minor [2] ?


sirgiyan said...

Buying here

rrman said...

yep me too sirgiyan

Anonymous said...

selling here guys,dont like to contra-you but i feel that gap should close this afternoon. 5 point stop.

sirgiyan said...

We have 2 down gaps in a row now. 80% of the cases we should close this today or 100% on monday

rrman said...

yep i agree tna and fas are the buys i am long /dx

Anonymous said...

1112-1108 cash. a break of either should resolve the s+p dilemma.

RickyBobby said...

I'm accumulating SHORTS big time here.

RickyBobby said...

Buying more SHORTS again. Keep em coming. I'm going to make some bulls cry next week.

Reza said...

Does not make sense to go long above 1109. Market value for Oct.

rrman said...

we have 200 pt up days but can't have 200 pt down days selling pressure isn't there helge shows September will be down big all month into the first week of Oct but choppy with an up tilt similar to July until then if he is right this month his longterm graph shows a dip midmonth to retest this low i would guess
then we need to go short big time the first week of September then in Oct go long with everything we have into the end of year

rrman said...

Anonymous said...


didn't helge have us falling "off a cliff" last friday?....

it rallied hard monday

E said...

Monday morning unmistakably had iii of 3 type action. Today finished either A or all of wave 4. We're going up into the predicted major turn on August 10-12. It's still possible there might be an upside throw-over to flush out the last bears.
The economy looks quite sick, so perhaps then the bear market will start again in earnest.

rrman said...

francious yeah his daily can invert but the long term one is close on the tops an bottoms look at it you'll see what i mean....whats your stuff saying usually you are right on the moves?

Jay Strauss said...

Still expect
Monday to Wed at 10am to be very bearish
Many agree and many dont
Power index showed today low & rebound
shows as above for next week

Jay Strauss said...

13 day hit EXACTLY at 11am today
Next 13day cycle low on Aug 25th at 11am.

in between
23.6% /13 day on 11th @11;26am


Kc135a said...

Keep it simple. SPY 112.44 is the key pivot Monday. If becomes support most likely a higher high next week and if remains resistance down hard into mid week.

August is either going to flat line or be a big down month and right now we don't have the answer. Monday should be the tell.