Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12th EKG

I was sort of expecting a much lower close, but this will suffice, and possibly we will see
the 13 hours low tomrrow at 10am, BUT if its a high, that will actually work even better
especially if its the HOD.

As I mentioned earlier this week, there is really NO energy this week to drive prices lower

ALL the NEGATIVE energy is concentrated on the 18th to 24th

today's EKG shows the same outllook as the daily reading,
and since they confirm each other, I decided to publish it at least for today

Todays read says the picture brightens till about mid day
of course thats not withstanding the lower open, but there has been improvement AFTERWARD, & now we realize improvement does not have to mean right from the open

The Latter part of the day indicates STRESS and DELAYS with a warning to run for cover

Make it so, said the captn



JUFU said...

what are the chances of this bumbling around this area until October?

Jay Strauss said...

What did you expect today ?
A crash ?
Please look at 1987
it took 5 days to drop 10%

then a one day reprieve

which was followed by 3 days down about 10%

Until Monday oct19th when it fell 20% in one day

THIS WILL KEEP you laced into your flight seat until its damn ready to unload


JUFU said...

I dont expect things to fall in one go...nothing does.

My question was merely, does your outlook also see this dragging on until October?

Or does it seem to fall into August as you've been writing?