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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elliott wave Graph from Columbia

The above Chart from Columbia shows that Monday SHOULD close lower

How much lower, you ask? good question
all we can do is look at fibo possibilities

Spx 1128 - 1080 = 48pts

spx 1080 - 48 pts = 1032 possibly

possible Projections
That should complete wave 1
wave 2 should finish on Tuesday and or wed AM
Wave 3 next can break into 5 waves of its own ending on the 24th, or 25th
Wve 4 next 3 days
Wv5 end on spt 1st.


1 comment:

rrman said...

Thx Jay....I know i am going against the grain here but look at this T chart from zigzag he shows like Helge that we retest the declining trendline on the top of the Channel then go down the rest of Aug and most of Sept