Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elliott wave Graph from Columbia

WAVE i low at 1069
wave ii now in progress and might complete at OPEN tomrrow morning at 1106
which is the 62% retrace level as shown above

LEI & Fed survey at 10am could act as the trigger
as 10am = 39 hours cycle & a lunar negative with
Uranus which is the master of shock & awe



Alesund said...


Could an attack by Israel on Iran's nuclear plant (which is set to start on the 21st), be the event that triggers the crash?

I wonder.

I hope the market crashes, but I'm not hoping for war and destruction.

Jay Strauss said...

I agree with you 100%

BUT it does seem like this drop will occur from an international event rather than a market event

the mkt internally is actually more oversold than overbot, but panics dont care about internals

One of the reads for Saturday

intolerant thinking can lead to a BIG MISCALCULATION

And another
a bid for liberation UPSETS others and wont bring what is sought

Use of Aggressive means to get what you want, and ignore diplomacy


Sounds like we are right at the edge. Today is super quiet

but thats about to change once WAVE iii begins tomrrow at 10am

whatever causes it is certainly going to be big enuf to create havoc

rrman said...

remember tomorrow is pomo day no shorting on money printing days!
Helge says we go down to around midnight then reverse and huge up
he shows tomorrow being higher than todays high

Alesund said...


They can only hold things up for so long (until the big boys complete their distribution). But at some point, we will just crash and there isn't any amount of $$ or intervention that will be able to stop it.

rrman said...

i agree the weekly stochastic is rolling over on everything but the daily is just turning up.. this matches up with helge's long term that says we make a new top albeit a lower high than april's but it is what it is it is... looks like to me we have a huge downturn all of September but it looks like they will kill the bears first when they take it up to 1120 to 1150 before they let it go down...and this could happen very quickly Helge is showing the top around the end of the month....

Alesund said...

It is certainly possible rrman.

However, a lot of Helge's stuff seems to invert in the shorter term. I like his charts more for the longer term picture.

Still, either way, the markets will do what they need to do sooner rather than later.

sirgiyan said...

I would love to comment on the Alesund point of "hoping for crash and NOT hoping for war".
History tells us that economic crashes of any sort lead to war. No exception. Period. End of story. We are f@cked. The bigger the crash - the bigger the war.
If someone thinks that WWII was started by Hitler - think again. It WAS started by credit contraction and followed depression.
Period, end of Story.

rrman said...

yeah i mainly just use his long term chart as Helge's daily tends to invert which is the problem with everyone's daily charts but you can look at the long term chart and see he has been pretty accurate sometimes early sometime late but usually right I used the weekly and daily stoches to try to tell how close he is going to be on the tops and bottoms

Jay Strauss said...

Off Aug 9th
wave 1 lasted 26hrs
wave 2 will be 19.5 hrs tomrrow AM

If im right about wave iii
should be 26 hrs from tomrrow AT 10am till 10am Wed, 25th

wave 4
19.5hrs to Aug 30th at 10 to 11am
wave 5
might go 26 hours to Spt 3rd at the 377 tr day mark at 10am

All we need now is for some one to strike up the band

Im planning some deep in the money puts tomrrow at the open,
especially if spurts higher on employment #s


Jay Strauss said...

Today warned not to take risks

Tomrrow warns
HOLD OFF on $ deals

Some one might in the Media say
caught between a ROCK & Hard place



San said...

Dow Jones Futures before opening bell