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Friday, August 27, 2010

Review Data & Graphs

C wave LOW at 1040, was a loss of 180 pts, = or 2x fibo 89 from 1220
rebound high of spx 1128 rebound to 1039 on the 25th = 89 pts

now expecting rebound to 1069 and or 1085 on Monday Aug 30
38% to 50% of the previous loss

From there, we might expect a fibo loss of 144 pts in what i see as a "C" wave
which could also be equal to 180 pts thus taking the spx in a range from 940 - 900
ALL within the time period from Aug 30 to Spt 3/7th


I made a note at the time that this was only a general trend graph,
and EACH day was not cut in stone

SO Far, it has been quite good expect for yesterday

Also see the graph from Columbia1 which shows the low at 1039 as possible C wave low

IMO< we should now expect a rebound in an X wave, some see it as wv ii, and others wv iv
matters not at this point how you label it

We mentioned fibo relationships with potential highs at spx 1069 to max at 1085

Also mentioned GDP revision would be beneficial for today's open and the spoos are
up near 8pts at 9am

IVE published the FIBO relationships for the 377 tr day LOW on SPT 3rd several times
and there are several other pivots meeting on the 3rd.

Ive POSTED SPT 7th at 10am as BUY BUY BUY
and as far as Im concerned that is cut in stone

ENERGY next week
Monday Aug 30 up

Tues hi at 10am, then DOWN day
Wed down
Ths up to at least at 26hrs at 10am
Fri down - should be the LOWeek and maybe LOYear
Monday Spt 7th low at 10am- 39 hr cycle & 62% /13 day



San said...

Dow Jones futures before opening bell

Jay Strauss said...

Once more we see the validity of that 39 hour cycle hitting a low at 10am

at 10;15 back off the lows and heading higher

I told you
GDP would be beneficial
Ben would add nothing new

would it be fascinating if the FED does something beneficial Monday AM


Jay Strauss said...


Jay Strauss said...

258bars at 3pm should clear the way for a higher close

90 bars doesnt hit until 4pm monday

still expecting a mid day high on Aug30th at about noon


crissy said...

Jay,The mentioned Monday in sept. is the 6th, not 7th.

forex-cat said...

Good analysis.

Jay Strauss said...

the 6th is LABOR DAY
any reference is to Tuesday SPT7th