Sunday, May 01, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -April 21st- May 2011-TURN DATES

May 1st @ 8pm
May looks like a wild month- great for option traders on the right side of the trade

How do these dates compare with Jaywiz?
Ive got a wild looking month forecast also
May2 intraday low- May3 intraday high - nearly similar
May 4th/5th AM low - somewhat different, but both have 4thLo
May 5th low & may 11th high- inverted from above
May 13th low also inverted above
May 20th high - the same as the 19th above
May 25th low & 27th also look like the above
May 30/31st , weve got an explosive rally into June 1st ECLIPSE, not the same as above
we match on 4 out of 6 turns above, not bad, might be useful after all.

Ive published this graph to my site as an FYI-
Look back at April, didnt work out too well, and he gets $$ from subscribers

Recap April
Apr 11th high
Apr 15 high
Apr 18th low, 17th = 18th for trading
Apr 29th High
he got 2 out of 4

This may be not helping us so I might not repeat this publication
next month unless I can find a way to use it effectively.


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