Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 3rd Morning Report

May 3rd @ 8am

Yesterday we saw the outcome of distribution, and the real market now begins

The last major correction was April 26th to June30 2010 from 1220 to 1010 or 200 spx pts

IMO, we should see something similar, but the TIME of such appears should be concentrated between
May 2nd as the intraday highs, or April 29th as the closing highs to LOWS ON May 27th -2011

Yesterday's 258bar & 13 day cycle at 11am provided only a minor dip prior to the high of the day
but the minor dip was superceded by a low at 12:30 indicating just how weak the cycle really is.
the DATE of 5-2-2011 =  9-11,  fascinating.

Yesterday's EKG, impact stream, and Power data were all in Sync just as they are today for continuation
of the decline.
The power data indicates more of the same tomorrow - see the graphs on a previous page
Yesterday's Psych read was misleading, but it may have flipped with today-

Sunday's revelations came under an influence indicating DEATH & losses,
thus we could possibly say the fate of Bin Laden was pr ordained for this day.

May 13th, Friday falls in between strong negative influences on the 12th & 17th,
not because its Friday the 13th.
this date should provide a strong pivot low leading to a rally high on May 20th as pictured
on the graphs of both Jaywiz & Spiral

A good pivot turn is still set for 10am on the 5th with the convergence of 13 hours & 220 bars,
which should lead to a high on the 11th high energy day.
The FIBO PRICE objective of 78.6% was touched May 2nd @ 1372 spx

more later

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