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Friday, May 27, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 27th Morning report

May 27th @ 8:45am

Looks like high at 10am
Low at 11am
High 1 to 2pm
lower close possible off the mid day high

Tuesday seems to have VERY BEARISH energy.



Abdullah said...

Considering we're coming into a 3 day weekend, it's my guess that 1) they will get us slightly green again and 2) what ever is going to happen will be done by 11 am. Why? Let's face it, ahead of major holidays the floors get barren as traders head off for the long weekend. Often times they're just monitoring their positions on Iphones in the back of a limo.

Abdullah said...

I'd take the DIA's over 124.20

Abdullah said...

next week we'll see a bounce as new month/new money comes in, and I'd like to catch some of that.

Jay Strauss said...

SPX at 1335 Max to stay within the CHANNEL
even tho the intraday low of wave 1
on Mya5th was 1329.17, the close was 1335

pending home sales -N/G


Chart levels indicate SPX 1295/6
as the FLOOR, but they could dip as low as 1287

IF we do some math
take today's high at 1332.81
subtract 41.41 lost may2nd to may 5th- 1370-1329

1332.81- 41.41 =1291.40

I cant beleive it will ALL happen on Tuesday, BUT THATS THE WAY IT LOOKS.

DONT count on June to drop any further- I can assure you it wont

JUST as MY graphs showed, the BASE at 1290 matches up quite well with the above

and the Inverse H&D also predicts a hold at the 1290-95 level


worm said...

so you mean next Tuesday is the best and almost the last chance to load longs? Tks!!

Abdullah said...

"DONT count on June to drop any further- I can assure you it wont"

Jay - here is my thinking ... The FED will STALL pomo and end it in June as planned. Market will go into deep downturn (~mid June). People are upset nothing is being done to fix the economy, high unemployment, debt ceiling, etc... So the market continues to move down (~mid SEP). That is when the FED jumps in and say see we told you, we need more POMO and thats when they rocket us higher to take out previous highs.

My plan is I went LONG yesterday, will hold until 1-2 week of JUNE and cash out.

Fred said...

I am with you Abdullah...I went long on the close of 5/24...and was a little scared sitting though the open on the 25th. The cycles have been running about 14 to 15 weeks from top to top and that puts a top in about 2-3 weeks. Also we have a good 31-33 trading day cycle running from prior highs and lows and we hit day 33 on 5/25...the mid channel of this daily cycle has been 16 trading days to another top...33 days from the May 2 high and about 16 days from the 5/25 low. But I will sell out at the end of today and buy back in Tuesday morning.

Jay Strauss said...

IF the MKT drops 300 dow points between now and Tuesday's close

that would be another OPp to GET LONG

May 2 to may 31 = wave 4 FLAT
AS part of the extension, it predicts a higher high than 1370, or at least 1370 on a closing basis at a minimum

5th waves dont have to EXPLODE upward, but June 1st & 2nd has the enrgy to give it a good start.

TUESDAY has SERIOUS Neg energy
expect quarrels, death and disease

My 2nd spurt came on energy calling for DEATH also, but the day was not riddled with other supporting negatives, as is the 31st.


Abdullah said...

IF the market does drop 300 dow points between now and Tuesday's close - I will add to my long position. Will wait and see what happens.

FWIW - I spoke with my uncle overseas since he owns a Gold store and he is telling me to sell all gold/silver related stocks (if I had any) ... he thinks Gold will see 900 and silver about 20-25.

Jay Strauss said...

SPX hit 1575
Spx lost 900 pts within 2 years

Can we expect GOLD to do the same?
or similar ?

I think so.
Might try again to break it or match it, but that only gets the bulls hyped up

remember when the PUBLIC wants in its time to get out.

Watch the ads on TV for GOLD, the more the merrier. The more they tout gold, the more bearish we should become