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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 4th Morning Report

May 4th @ 8:30am
Today's read
This morning requires patience -- thats an understatement [grr]
BE Flexible- around noon
Mid day doubts

Looks like this morning lacks direction, but picks up after noon

 more now
The 5th indicates a recovery as well as the 6th & part of the 9th
later on 9th & 10th are indicated to be down days
11th is a HIGH ENERGY day- all this makes an easy A-B-C count off whatever low we get to today and tomrrow at open.
given the above, where the #^*#^* can they recover from ??
It certainly doesnt look like anything serious is in the works today, expect for the day's reading
indicating a more serious market after noon.
HOW serious ?? cant even put a finger on it- will have to wait it out.

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