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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 22nd weekend report

NOTE THE CHART ON TOP- Just as I warned you in advance,
MONEY FLOW turned NEGATIVE on Friday's action, and now shows a 5th wave decline in progress.

Note also on Daneric's page, he has done a complete turnabout and is also warning of the potential to break under 1318 getting us to 1280 in a hurry, maybe even on Monday.

Energy Monday agrees with that outlook as you can see above, but do beware of a rebound rally starting
Tuesday right from the open, which could last till at least noon to 1pm b4 settling back again to complete
the wave on Wed where we have a pivot cycle convergence LOW at noon.

more later


worm said...

does that mean 25-31 is a bottoming consolidation period similar to late August bottom before taking off?

john said...

thank you

Jay Strauss said...

Thats what it looks like

Final top not till August 8-17th.

cant tell if 1370 will still cap it off or if it will go higher.
but really it matters not

AFTER May 31st,its still buy the dips until Aug 17th


joed said...

GOLD alert.......