Sunday, May 15, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 13th Missing report

May 15th @ 8:30am

May 16th wont be available till 8:30am, but the prelim shows possible UP open, with drop after 10:15a

Murrey Math indicates SPX 1312 next support
THEN spx 1250, but How soon they dont show.

BUT if the above occurs in the NEXT TWO DAYS, it fills in my GRAPH, and will be an OBVIOUS wave iii of 3 spike down.

Monday's EKG shows its very likely to sell off after a brief higher open.

Full Moon is Monday at 7am, and similar to April they sold off the day b4 and the day after- 15th & 18th
March 16th low was 2 days prior to the fm

Alphie's chart above shows the FLOW of the MONTH fairly well,
but the DATES are not in sync with mine until the 20th as a high-
place the 17th where he shows the 20th & move the 20th to the right on top of the next hill.

Psych readings
Monday - indicates something Peculiar but unfavorable
Tuesday- increased tension , avoid risk- complications & confusion
Ths- Mid day shift from pos to neg
Fri - Potent GROWTH

LOOK OVER SPIRAL DATES on the main page
May 2nd is shown as a high - OK
May 10th is shown as a low - It was another high
May 13 is indicated as a high and they sold off
May 18 is indicated as a HIGH- WILL THAT INVERT as the other dates seem to have done?
May 31is indicated as a low to which I agree
 You can scroll back to read where I compared that chart to mine or match up on the main page
Just enlarge your screen to read the dates or use a mag reader-
Windows vista & 7 both have magnification features
More later


Abdullah said...

In a technical sense.. this isn't good for the bulls.

Nine trading sessions ago, we hit a brick wall at 12,800 after a spectacular rise from 12,200 in mid April. Since then we pulled down to 12,595 and bounced, then back down to 12,600 and tried to bounce and when it was all said and done, we ended the week at 12,595 again. That makes 3 closes under the 18 day and the 10 day moving averages.

But again, this is the "POMO" schedule for the next few days.

May 16, 1-2 billion
May 17, 5-7 billion
May 18, 1.5 - 2.5 billion
May 19, 1.5 - 2.5 billion
May 20, 6 - 8 billion
May 23, 6 - 8 billion

That is the problem when trying to make a determination about market direction. We are no longer just observing normal patterns of supply and demand. We now have the "hidden hand" to worry about. Billions of dollars created out of thin air, that can and does move the market, save the market, and stall off plunges.

For 15 years, I could call tops, pullbacks, bounces, etc with a darned high degree of accuracy. But this last year has been hard. I see the technical patterns line up for a pull back. I see the sector flows, the buying and selling pressures. I would figure a pull back is in the cards. We sell out, take our profits. The market stalls, starts to fall and then "Blammo!" out of the clear blue, and on absolutely dismal volume, the market recovers and shoots higher.

I'm looking at a chart of the DOW right now. It's telling me more downside is to come. Yet I almost don't believe it. I've seen this movie before and for the last two years it never ends right. The FED rides in and saves the day, no matter how ugly things look. Frankly I have no real reason to believe they won't do it again.

I'm going to look at it like this.. if we put in a close under 12,580..that would be the lowest closing price in 12 sessions, and could finally lead to a hefty drop out. ON the other hand a close over 12,720 would exceed the last couple highs, and probably signals a move back up of some extent.

This is all I have left: VXX, FAZ, BGZ, ELTP, BSGC.

I will jump into silver when I see $20/oz and Gold $980/oz, other than that NO THANKS.

Klaatu said...

Full moon due Tuesday May17th at

RickyBobby said...

check out mike's charts at

oh no!

RickyBobby said...

I'm looking for Monday to start going up early and maybe all of Monday.

honolulu beach said...

jay .. I am with you on the decline..but 1st a sucker rally on Monday.. then down 2-3 days

RickyBobby said...


My work concurs.

OEX -- May20
Phimate date --May19 +/-
Spiral date -- May18 +/-
Gann day -- May19 +/-
TSX 11 day cycle low -- May20 +/-
TSX 21 day cycle low --May18 +/-
Full moon week --May17

Major bottom at end of June +/-

RickyBobby said...


Ignore my TSX 21 day cycle low.

That cycle needs my proprietary confirmation as all my cycles do but that one in particular because it's very elastic.

joed said...

I ahve June 13 as the cycle top with a range of cycles in process now ................chart shown!joed