Friday, May 06, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 6th Closing report

May6th @ 8:30am
AS INDICATED, we see yesterday's LOW at 3;30 pm on the 30 bar pivot
is now showing dow futures UP 133 pts right at the OPEN

The EKG shows it also
IT CONTINUES to AMAZE me how the EKG shows the DAILY MKT action in advance
and is STILL performing with an 80% accuracy rate since Jan 1,2011

high energy at 10 am to 11am at the latest is NOW in Effect.
How high is HIGH??
40 pts lost, x 38% = 15 pts + 1329 = 1344spx, but we will open above that.
40 pts x 50% =  20 pts + 1329 = 1349, should be an easy target
40 pts x 62% =25 + 1329 =1354
40 X 78% = 31+ 1329 =1360

I wont WAIT for the highest possible value- happy to get the middle ground, but 10;30
has the high energy turn.


EKG STILL AT 80% - incredible


john said...

Very good call

Abdullah said...

They say 244K jobs have been created, a number not seen since 2006.

As you could imagine the futures are on fire, up 100 points. Is this going to last the day? Boy is that a good question. Yesterday the world was coming unglued and today all is well? Hmmmm

I think the morning gap and go is going to end up being the high of the day. Somehow I just don't know if I can get my arms around this number. Didn't we just see initial claims come in at a whopping 475K yesterday???

The gap will be wild. I have no idea how high they'll crank this stuff at the open. It will be hard to "catch" something, because it's got to be strong enough to gap open and then add even more. We need to watch the 1346 level on the S&P..if they get us past that, then this can grow on itself.

Jay Strauss said...

I thought they would make it to dow +200, but 154 was the best

and it was a good day for my bank account

Now It might be a thought to short,
wait for Monday's HIGH at noon which just might achieve that other 50 pts to 12,780

It really doesnt matter if it does or not, as the TIMING is MUCH more critical

We should see a low on Tuesday
UNDER 1329


Reza said...

Mcdonalds hiring WTF

Abdullah said...

you know how much I harp on the manipulations that this market has become. NOTHING is real any more. I need to make that clear.. NOTHING is real.

I picked some GLD and SLV just for day trade.

Reza said...

stay out of SLV for the time being. JPM shorted at 48

and come their CME margin hikes 5 in 9 days. it is just manipulation