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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 25th Morning report

May 25th @ 8am

Expected not to hold the lower trend line, thus we should get the expected FINAL sell off
aka 5th wave to either 1295, and or 1280 between now and sometime on Thsday.

26th is a CYCLE repeat from the FEB 18th high to low

however, Im expecting a HIGHER OPEN tomorrow already indicated by the ekg & Power data.
that higher open should fail to hold by days end

27th is on schedule to be an UP day.

more later



UNB said...

Hi There,
will you be buying today between 1290-80 or will wait for 2moro?

Jay Strauss said...

buy when you think is best for you, and your financial advisor.

might not make it to 1290

1305 is strong support which we might see later today at the 90bar pivot @ 3;30pm

THis seems to be a very truncated corrective wave, not giving way very much in price levels on selling.


Jay Strauss said...

1311.80 HELD the CHANNEL line on open indicating it will not be broken or not by much, and not for very long

some have support at 1309.78
some at 1306. 12
with 1305 as a floor

this type of wave shows underlying strength

this Am looks like a wave iii spike , now progressing in iv, thus we can still get the v later today at 3;30 on 90 bars