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Monday, May 02, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 2nd Closing Report

Columbia reduced his chart service

May 2nd 9:10am

WOW, BIN Laden gone-
One ESP'r wrote that May comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb
Spiral graph looks that way.

Still got cycle convergence at 11am, so after the futures have their opening effect, we should see
that cycle perform

Both Spiral & Jaywiz agree on price drop next 2 days
which might just start today after open.

Bin Laden HYPE  is not effecting Europe by much except for the Dax up 50pts



Jay Strauss said...

Interesting piece of data just came to my attention.

5-2-2011 = 9-11


Jay Strauss said...

IT WONT BE MUCH LONGER NOW, and we will see the REAL market

258bars & 13 days was only a minor dip at 11am, superceded by a lower low at 12:30 making that cycle convergence a non event.

BUT IT also indicates just HOW weak the mkt is and at any moment could head for major support. Since the new moon occurs at 2am, we might see a late drop off today, or tomrrow AM will do what I had projected for today, but with NO COME BACK


The NEXT 13 day cycle falls at 11am on May 19th, just prior to the Bradley Date of May 20th and a HIGH ENERGY DAY, shown as a HIGH & turn by both Jaywiz & Spiral


Jay Strauss said...

Parabolic mkts like SILVER drop in parabolic fashion when they turn
silver Margins increased??

IS that NOW?

Im waiting for someone to dispute- denounce the BL announcement Sunday - They pick on everything else this Pres does, so why not this too


john said...

Interesting blog.