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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 24th CLOSING report

May 24th @ 8:35 am
Just as projected, we are in a minor uptrend from the 1313 low, at the bottom of the upper channel line
as projected on the previous page, the FIBO leads to a high possible at 1325
in the middle of the channel lines.

the lower channel line projects a low in the 1250 to 1280 area- thus filling the previous gap
TIME & Energy projections indicate that low on Wed, May 25th at noon

This May time period has not produced a crash effect on stocks. WHY, you ask. good question.
the best answer I can think of is we are watching extensions of the trend to a higher high, on or before August 8th.

more later

EKG great and rolls over for LOWER open tomrrow

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