Thursday, May 26, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -May 27th PRELIM report

May 26 @ 4:15pm

Complete EKG at 8:30am tomrrow

Converging cycles at 10am--- 39 hour & 180 bars could set the LOD

or 10:41am on neg energy

Final wave lower has not even begun
Today's LOW at 1314 did NOT take out the previous low at 1311.80
Wave i of ( v) must take that out--

SEE the LOW at April19th, made a NEW low at 1302, 2 days prior,
and on the 18th DROPPED to 1295 at 10am

TODAY"S EKG WAS PERFECT - STILL HOLDING an 80% daily accuracy ratio-
incredible  -- for SURE


worm said...

Yes. Today's is really incredible. Thank you so much.
Knowledge is power in deed.

john said...

thanks Jay

Jay Strauss said...

WAVE (iv) stopped just shy of WVE (i) so there was NO overlap

Wv (v) has already begun as the SPX dropped off its high at 1328.43

FYI, the LOW of wave (i) was 1329.

Wv 1 took out 41 pts-- 1370-1329
wv 5 should do the same and reach a low of 1287, but thats not written in stone- could truncate

The FIRST PROOF of wave (v) should come tomrrow at 10am and take out 1311.80

Looks bak at April 18th lows and the 2 days prior to see some similarity to what we should see next.

KEEP IN MIND HOW FLEETING the LOW points ARE- they DONT STICK AROUND VERY LONG, so JUMP on them at the Opportune moment

Those of You who say you appreciate my work and are making serious $$, should show it, other wise we might find this site unavailable at some point in time

Appreciation comes in multiple forms

john said...

I wish I made serious $$$-- old retired guy playing for peanuts.

worm said...

yes. of course.
However, I didn't make serious money, but I will contribute to support this site. :)