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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CYCLE update

important cycle lows appear as follows.

LOW DUE on July 20 = 260 tr days, or 377 cd from July8, 2009
EXPECT rebound on 21st & 22nd till about 2;30

LOW due on JULY26th = 275 tr days from JUNE 22, 2009 ,
a cycle low
EXPECT HUGe rebound on 27 & 28 till about 11am

Selling picks up again LATE on July 28th and ends on 30th at or near close

First week of August looks MIXED
Up on 2nd
down on3rd
Up till Midday on 6th
then low as CYCLE pivot low ends on Aug10th @ 360 tr days from March 6th


Reza said...

FP 106.25 SPY, could be closing price

Joseph said...

Hi Jay, just a quick question, when you refer to "" then low as CYCLE pivot low ends on Aug10th @ 360 tr days from March 6th ""
Do you mean we on the SnP will hit the March 6th lows, or do you mean that will hit a cycle low for the Mth of July/Aug ?? Thanks for the clarification, hope all is well


Jay Strauss said...

I dont know HOw I could possibly tell anyone that on August 10th we will hit the March 6th low ??

It just means that a CYCLE low is DUE on August 10th keyed from March 6th which is 360 tr days


RickyBobby said...

shake & bake today boys.


Now that's a move up outa the 13 day cycle

RickyBobby said...

If today proves anything, it's that:

earnings means chit
news means chit
overnight futures means chit
people's sentiment means chit
Mr. Dev means chit
Everything means chit....

except for a good technical trading system.

Reza said...

What trading system do u use. If you want to share by email

Jay Strauss said...

Mid day on the 26th

UNTIL THEN THEY Play with our heads

Jay Strauss said...

today was rally SIMPLE
13 hour low at 10am hit at 9:40
13 day cycle low hit at 11am and mkt moved higher

How much easier can it get

Using it means trading from it


150bars at 4pm did not occur thus it might on open OR 156bars at 10am

Tomrrows read is NO BETTER THAN TODAY's

bee0593 said...

all preprogrammed each evening 415-430 pm

Joseph said...

Thanks jay, I was just clarifying that the next major low approx is mid Aug
thanks for the feedback

AS said...

If today was 1 move up and supposed to end EOD and next 2 days are up - then you can guess where the mkt is going in the next 2 days ...

unless the EKG and power graphs are inverted ...

rrman said...
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rrman said...!/photo.php?pid=31446693&id=1127956965

rrman said...

my favorite daily tza chart sez we are still in the trading range with tza heading toward the top of the channel... in the past the trip from the bottom to the top has been taking 9 trading days we are on trading day 6. So if the past is our guide Friday should be the bottom of this downturn....

AS said...

Rman - the facebook links are not visible ...

rrman said...

rrman said...

Helge is following the dollar inverse the euro so he's saying dollar makes a high right before close then down all night until around Europe opening

cementzak said...

thanks jay. just done my homework. i think we go down rest of the week. then next week huge rebound, i agree with that. but then i see a meltdown move with a lot of fear