POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Sunday, July 11, 2010


There's no way we can precisely determine the price level for a low
BUT using TIME Cycles, we can with some degree of accuracy determine WHEN
the mkt will make a PIVOT LOW.

As it turns out the POWER DATA seems to agree with the 39 hour cycle/ 3 = 13 & 26hrs

POWER DATA is part of the SCIENTIFIC RESOURCES that are noted at the top of the blog page
At times its EASIER to DECIPHER what that scientific data offers, and other times its NOT,
OR maybe its just a matter of experience working with it that will make it easier for Me
to analyze it.

39 hours can be a high or a low, and it breaks down into 13 & 26 hours ,
EACH segment hitting at 10am to 11am,
and can occur anywhere from 9:45 to 11am,
as we have experienced it since discovering its periodicity a few months ago.

Recent history
JUNE 21st at 10am SPX hit 1131 HIGh
June June 29th @ 10am = a low at 1035
July 8th at 9:45 at high at 1071
whats next
JULY 12th at 10am = 13 hrs - possible rebound off opening low ??
JULY 14th at 10am = 26 hr Suspected low
July 16th at 10am = 39 hours = suspected high

EARLY indications of the EKG show a LOWER OPEN- Monday

Friday was the 3rd day in a row with 80% BEARISH PC ratios

more later


benjoyce said...

This is from

Chris Carolan bases his work on lunar and solar cycles. cycle peak on July 15 (day before opx)

a cycle peak did occure on May 6th the fat finger plunge

July spiral calendar predictions show score peaks (possible market turn dates) occur on the 15th and 27th, although the middle of the month looks very choppy.
For June the spiraldates score peaks on the 6th and 17th were about two days early for the turns, but trading them would have worked out well. The last peak on June 23rd fell in the middle of the strong down move and was about two days late to catch the top that occurred on June 21st.
Explanation for new visitors: See June 2010 Post.

benjoyce said...

maybe I'll buy some July puts thurs the 15th at about 3am

benjoyce said...

I ment 16th