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Saturday, July 31, 2010

weekend comments

they've got EVERYONE bullshit'd, which means BULLISH
PC ratios closed at 100% bearish
Jup 90 Pluto @ 4am on the 3rd has NO interference from mars 0 saturn - and we are well into the Lbra transit.
the NEG is enhanced by Mars 180 Jupiter and Mars 90 Pluto
Expect also a SMASH down OPEN or possible flash crash like open on the 4th
Bradley date is 11th which opens with 39 hrs at 10am
right On the 360 day cycle hit from March 9th & 275 tr days from July9th
It looks like we should expect some very dramatic drops between now and the 11th
I have NO idea how to label Elliott waves to this point or to
the 10th and Oct4th/7th for that matter, but I really think it will end up counting as a LARGE ABC or 4th wave retreat within P2,  OR
possibly will count as wave 1 in P3.

in either case we might expect a 38% to 50% retrace
of the gains since March 9 lows
666-1220= 555 pts
555 X 38%= 212 - 1220 =1008 , been there done that
which might have been the A wave of the above mentioned wave
or more likely
555 x 50% = 278 pts
1220 -278 = 942 which has been mentioned by others

more later


Reza said...

Anyone wants to go long, go ahead. Above 1109 is a short area for next quarter. Like I mentioned earlier in May 1140 is a short area.

Prev top 1220, eps adjusted for next quarter -7% is 1135 which the current quarter is ending, for next quarter is -2.5% which is 1109. Right all based on PE. Unless they change the PE in between, everything changes. Just like Alcoa was changed so many times

Reza said...

Your weekend anylysis makes sense. Anything above 1109 is short area. Like they did last quarter took it 1199 during earnings, then straight to 1050. then bounce to 1130 then again down to 1020.