Tuesday, July 06, 2010

EKG for JULY6th & updated POWER data graph

Today only counts as a partial so it does not go in as a positive for the day
46/67= 68.6%
and the power data graph from last week was only a partial also,
now its record stands at 50%. after 4weeks
Power data comes from multiple sources and It forces me to interpret
Maybe I should wait before publishing a preliminary picture just as I do for the EKG
and that will make it more reliable as I have more updated & concrete data to work with
13hr high at 10am
13day/ 23.6% pivot low at 11:26am
High from 3:30 to 4pm

156bars at 4pm appear will hit at open tomrrow
according to PRELIM data from the EKG

and NOT tomrrow, with a final high on the 8th at the 13hr high at 10am

more later
this may be premature, BUT its important to have an IDEA
as to WHERE this mkt is currently heading

from my daily spread sheet data log
August 10th = 360 trade days from March 6th
360/8 = 45 repetitions- 8 cycle convergence
360 / 5 days per week = 72 weeks= exactly half of 144 weeks
August 10th appears to be a very important date


San said...

Dow Jones futures hourly chart trading in a raising channel

Jay Strauss said...


23.65 = 1040
38.2% = 1058
GAP level 1058 to 1072

I doubt there is enuf juice to close the gap at the top @ 1072

so 1040 to 1058 is probably where its at this week, and INTRADAY on Thsday at 10am is STILL the most likely time for it.


Jay Strauss said...

This new format is LOSING

Fibo retracements
23.6% = 1040
38.25 = 1058
GAP 1058 to 1072
In bear trends like this one until
Aug 10th, the usual retrace is 38.2%

STILL got the HIGH TURN on Thsday at 10am


Anonymous said...

Interesting how 1040 S&P is very sticky today. Where are all the bloggers?

Anonymous said...

1040 is strong resistance on the daily chart should have marked a short term low though.once this bounce is over its time to sell sell sell and run for the hills i reckon.

AS said...

I still feel we may retest the overnight lows at spx 1002 ...

rrman said...

yep AS Helge says down all day then rally half way back tonight in ah

Anonymous said...

small turn lined up for around 2:35.see if it produces a low for the day or if it sells off into close helge could be onto a winner.

astro8 said...

thanks jay. a high on thursday July 11th is solar eclipse. This could turn market direction. All bets are off July 21st Saturn will move back into Libra things should start to pick up to the downside to at least mid august

Abdullah said...

If this market goes red.. it's going to get ugly tomorrow on the downside. But I still tend to think they're going to do their best to keep it green and try and suck some more hopefuls into this mess.

Anonymous said...

small short at 1025.6 2pt stop.

Anonymous said...

taking profit here at 1018.8

Abdullah said...

or they could put the rocket boosters on and get us back over 100.

benjoyce said...

My yen put is toast. Here we have a 20+ pt rally on the s&p and the yen goes up?? Does the yen know the market is going to tank later. Perhaps a sign of stock weakness.

AS said...

Rman - based on Helge's chart - it looks like down this whole week into Friday close - is that right ?

Abdullah said...

SPX support/resistance: 1022.5/1028.5/1035/1042.5

Kc135a said...

On the main screen was shown zero (0) comments so I assumed no one posted. Just for kicks tried comments and here they are.

It is the main screen comment count that is the problem.

rrman said...

thats right AS

Jay Strauss said...

ONE MORE Shot at 1040 tomrrow and or Thsday at 10am

Then its DOWN

the MAIN PRESSURE this week is BIASED LOWER into the 9th at 11am

11am on friday converges neg energy with 60bars

We'll see what the EKG shows us later this week

Ignore when it says 0 comments
open it anyway


cementzak said...

i think today was the high of 4 of 1 of Minor 3... so now back down, we need a new low. maybe ES will test 1,000 - don't think it will go much lower then that.


Abdullah said...

Jay - black candle, MACD-H in the S/P & DOW got a higher bar. A black candle is mostly associated with bottoms or tops.

Jay Strauss said...

Dont sell the rebound short just yet

thee should at least 2 attempts at 1040 or above, na dwe only got one so far.

the above fits in with tomorrows read for a nice day, rewarding with $ benefits

BUT they should open lower at 156bars and rebound into into mid day

power data shows the day pretty much in FLOAT mode similar to today.

the BIAS is DOWN till FRIDAY
Make NO mistake about that

How low is low?
Ive seen projections from
1009- mine
to 980 also mine
to as low as 925, but i doubt we can get there this week

anything sub 1000 is a gift to the bears.

The energy and bars seem to converge on Friday at 11am

9th is also a Bradley turn date
50%/13 day cycle hits at 2pm

the new moon is an eclipse on Saturday - keep in Mind that Princess Diana died on such a Saturday eclipse

Reminder -Friday calls for
& controversy in the AM


AS said...

Jay - if we are down into Friday, then does it shift the move down from the 15th ... my understanding was that July 26th or so was supposed to be a high from your past comments - but your July graph shows down from 19th ...

Can u share ?

Abdullah said...

We completed minor wave 2 and now in Minor Wave 3 down. I believe we have completed minute Wave # 1 and will have a corrective wave minute 2 to around 1070 level before we resume our move down as you suggested or as low as 925.

Kc135a said...

I am looking for a day trade long tomorrow that is right in line with Jay's thinking.

The below fractal implies get long on a pull back to the 1023 area and be ready to unload near 1033. Maybe higher but 10 points is a good trade.

Jay Strauss said...

not sure where your getting some OLD projections from OR possible PRELIM data

Keep up with the FLOW

July graph should be quite accurate