Thursday, July 29, 2010

FOR THOSE who want to KNOW

ALL others for religious or other reasons can ignore, but LETS come back to this publication on
August 24th and Oct 4th to see just how well or not we did with this projection

In addition to Mars entering Libra, +Mars@ 180 Uranus,  Today & tomrrow,
we also get Mars 0 Saturn offering STRESS & obstacles
each planet and its placement has much to do with its NATURE & effect on HUMANS
at the time of such placement - where were the planets, sun, moon, stars, etc.?
how do they ineract with each other?
Heres an example of what I mean
During the SUMMER of 2008 the mkt was in a declining phase, 
but when Mars entered Libra on Aug 20 it began to really pick up LEAD FEET.
15tr days later, the Dow had lost 800 pts on Spt 15 on a FULL MOON
34 tr days later the down hit its lows at 8450 on OCTOBER 10 @ a FULL MOON

This SEEMS TO BE the EXCEPTION as most FULL MOON's are like the 
 ENERGIZER BUNNY for the bulls - as we see the mkt runs higher into MOST FULL MOONS
Also note that MANY- MANY Market LOWS occur in OCTOBER- 
ITS A WELL KNOWN historic mkt event.
Oct 2002,  2007 - 2008, just to cite a few

NOw back to present
Full moon on the Jly 25th found the mkt making highs
July 30th, tomrrow, Mars enters 0 degrees Libra,- mkt struggling to hold highs

is on Aug 24th accompanied by Saturn 90 Pluto on the 21st
now thats a SERIOUS combo representing Conflicts & Death--   ouch
NEXT we END the series on OCT 4th - with the FullMoon on the 7th
with Mars in Scorpio / Libra sun & the accompaniment of multiple squares

It also marks STAn Harley's 377 tr day cycle low to low
More shortly


E said...

is on Aug 24th accompanied by Saturn 90 Pluto on the 21st
now thats a SERIOUS combo representing Conflicts & Death-- ouch"

Pluto is a ball of rock and ice a quarter the size of the earth's moon and billions of miles away. The idea that it could have a significant geomagnetic or other effect on the earth because someone decided to name it after the Roman god of the underworld is ludicrous. It almost makes Al Gore seem scientific by comparison.

I'm not saying that financial astrology doesn't work at all; after all even the Federal Reserve suggests a way that it does:

Jay Strauss said...

thanks E
Some people didnt know that about The Fed

Have you been watching the History channel ?

OUR entire solar system, Milkyway galaxy and ALL the billions of others are tied together by BLACK matter we commonly call SPACE

IT has substance and just like the ancients did not recognize AIR for what it is, we really have only begun to scratch the surface of SPACE

Think of Electricity- wow what a concept 1000 years ago

Some who study Siderial astrology CLAIM We are effected by stars that are billions of miles from here

who are we to say outright that
that its not true, but simply OBSERVING human behavior allowed the ancients to identify certain behavioral patterns which are still taught today

This STUFF did NOT come PFA.
Ancients did NOT have any other methods other than their own powers of OBSERVATION.

SO, as I wrote, this is for those who WANT TO KNOW,
Those who dont are certainly entitled to their own opinions


samamehta said...


do you mean we will rally big time ?


great work. i remember when you said that collapse was not there in the cards six months ago. i think you might have said aug-sept time frame

Yes FEd is worried now about deflation japanese style -- which Paul Krugman also called some time ago if we do not have new stimulus package. And with the elections and mood of the public, it is not likely we will do so.

good luck. hope we are on the right side of the mkt direction.

E said...

"Ancients did NOT have any other methods other than their own powers of OBSERVATION."

Pluto was discovered in 1930, and named on the suggestion of an 11 year old English girl, Venetia Burney. A year later Mickey Mouse's pet dog was given he same name. So any astrological methods which include Pluto are not time-tested wisdom of the ancients, but rather modern fabrications. Maybe they added Pluto to the theory because it helped to sell newspapers and books. Besides being an occult science, astrology is also a business.

I think the word "ludicrous" I used was inappropriate; "far-fetched" would have been correct. Anything is possible, but those who claim that Pluto has a significant effect on Earth have a heavy burden to produce convincing empirical evidence.

pimaCanyon said...


What we see is just the surface. It's at the depths where things really happen--things that happen there cause things to happen here on the surface. We see only the surface, not the depths, so how do we know where the connections are and how interactions at those deeper (subtler) levels cause effects at the surface?

Plato's allegory of the cave was no allegory.

sirgiyan said...

I have to apologize to Jay, but since I was banned from "humble student" I can only say it here.

I didn't laugh that loud for at least 5 years and it's all because of your 2 posts at HS
See link
Thank you very much indeed!!!

AS said...

Jay - ignore others and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

One q would be that the 2008 series seems to be close together ... aug 24 - Oct .... this time we are looking for a longer duration, is the reason as we are looking for the same planetary combinations ?

Also, you mentioned aug 10th as an imp low ... so do u think that aug 24th may break it ?

gin said...

I'm not sure what he's saying either. But I think he's talking another full moon hi.

TRIPdREF said...

I've been at this biz for 22 years. If you dont have astrology on the radar you're not being thorough.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks TRIP
its just one of the resources in the tool box, but as most of you know its NOT the only one

July is finishing up just as the JULY graph showed it


pimaCanyon said...

okay, Sirgiyan, I guess I am dense. What was so funny about my post on humble student?