Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wave & Fibo from Columbia 1

Note a couple things

1099.01 hit at 11;45, same as morning high yesterday
10,400 ditto
Each was just a tad under the 3:45 High of yesterday

JULY13th = 144 & 233 tr days from previous highs on 12/14/09 & 8/7/2009
Genre for the day was GROUP POWER

The above shows price levels at 1085 & 1071 as fibo supports
which would take the dow back to 10,180 @ 1071 spx

July 15th has a Combo of cycles at 11:30 to 12:30
which IF they do get to 1071, would coincide with
the daily read for jarring news & unsteady influences, but OK for later

that would also fit in with power graph for High on 15th at close
39 HOUR top off at 10am on FRIDAY



RickyBobby said...

To Jay et el,

Video from Harry Dent. Stern warning in line with Jay , myself, FlashFusion and few others. Don't get sucked in by PUG and Carl Futia who are too bulled up. They are not reading the cycles right and you will lose lots of money following them. Enjoy the video and a free report at the end. Harry Dent has been right for a very long period of time about Long term direction of market. Year after year seemingly always right.

Reza said...

Thanks Rick.

Carl gives you direction/opinion of market but he hardly trades

RickyBobby said...

Guys, Just wanted to add that both harry Dent and FlashFusion's "Simon says" are BOTH predicting DOW 8200 by 3rd Quarter (late August according to Harry).

My cycles also looking for a big cycle botttoming in that time frame.

Here's the post from FLASH as a reminder:

MKT: finished my homework; DOW has unfinished biz with 7/9/09 low; sticking with 8250 DOW minimum into Q3 2010, Simon Says !
4:33 PM Jun 12th via web

Alesund said...


While your EKG's haven't all been hitting lately, your July energy graph posted prior to the start of the month has been amazingly accurate! I just had the energy graph next to an S&P 500 chart and so far so good.

I congratulate you on the great work. I only hope the rest of the month plays out as outlined.

All the best!

Jay Strauss said...

YES, JULY monthly GRAPH has been
and EXCELLENT source for mkt direction

and the SCENARIO of Early month lows, Mid month HIGHS continues